Various issues with CMM end game awards

(DB Genome editor) #1

I 've noticed a lot of problems with the CMM end game awards presentation, some with the merc models others with the awards themselves. Starting with those:

  • What exactly is “Merc XYZ XP”? Is it all XP earned while playing that merc or is it only XP relevant to their normal role like for their missions: Combat XP for assaults, Support XP for medics, Game Mode for engies, and anything goes for fops and recons? Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be working very well has I’ve seen “Best Merc XYZ” awards givien with less than 100 “Merc XYZ XP”. Difficult to imagine there was nothing more meaningful to highlight…:rolleyes:

  • The “Most Ammo Given” award always report impossible numbers like “111.096” (see pics below). Since all other values are reported with “,” separating the 1000s, this reads as 111 bullets and a fraction which is clearly not possible. Even if it was a typo and the “.” should be a “,”, dropping over 100K bullets in one game is unthinkable, it would be like 1000 full resupplies, that guy’s XP would have be sky-high, which it wasn’t.

Regarding the merc models:

  • There are a lot of clipping issues with the weapon models, mainly bad hand positions on the grips, but also weapons pocking through other mercs (Javelin when second from the right is one of the worst offenders) or through their owners (Sparks with the Empire-9 has the stock poking right through her torso and out the other side).

  • Phoenix seems to be on crack or something, he’s jumpy as hell like his idle animation is running 2-3 times too fast.

And finally an issue that’s a combination of merc models and award: how come for the “Best Merc XYZ” award you sometimes show another merc? It looks to me like the merc displayed from the player’s lineup is not selected based on the actual award. Is it the last one played? Or perhaps the one who got the most play time? Either way, when you decide to award the player a merc-specific award, it makes little sens to show any merc but the one corresponding to that award. Obviously, “Best Merc XYZ” should always show merc XYZ. But the same should go for all awards: if I get 20 revives with one merc than switch to another and get 1 more, the award screen should show the first one getting the “Most Revives” award even if I played the other at the end or longer.

(Mustang) #2

Yea, it should really show the merc the player used to achieve the role specific awards rather than the last merc the player used.

Obviously you’d have to keep track for each merc incase they had two ammo givers, for example. Or if this isn’t feasible then at least the last merc they used that was capable of said award.