Update for RAD Soldiers

(BimoBeule) #1


does anybody know, if theres planned in the foreseeable future an update for RAD Soldiers (iOS)?

Thanks for your answeres!

(tinker) #2


really hard to tell

the easy answer is : no - nobody knows it / if someone knows it, he is not allowed to tell it // or at least did not say something yet

the silence regarding updates and bugfixes etc. may mean 3 things, I believe you figured that out by yourself

  1. there is an update coming, but hard to say when/what and they don’t want to spoiler anything
    or 2. there is no update whatsoever on the way but they don’t want to push away current players
  2. it is unclear whether or not any update is about to come or the game will be dropped, but they want to keep the door open for inspiration etc.

I myself hope and believe that something is on the way

jsut as G4S said: the update suggested incoming content
the topic was discussed many times before and every answer by any Warchest-member seemed to be neutral (without any information at all) - but always with a slight hint at ~something might come sooner or later~
they did not say “we have an update on the go” but it was always a little like “can’t tell yet, wait a little longer and you’ll see”

but seriously, hard to say

if you like to play (the game still has lots and lots of fun and there still are many players playing)
just send friend request (to tinker)
and play

the best way of getting (or even pressuring) an update is to get lots and lots of people playing (ask friends) and getting the forum in action again.

with best regards

(G4S) #3


does anybody know, if theres planned in the foreseeable future an update for RAD Soldiers (iOS)?

Thanks for your answeres![/QUOTE]
As the latest update was called “1/3” we should believe, that at least two more will come

(Mitsid) #4

It seems they gave up working on this great game. very sad…I still remember this forum alive

(g00n) #5

killed a community, a great idea with such promising future. Ive kept looking here to see life or news but nothing.

(Phantomchan) #6

Played this game for a bit and it’s a really fun game, although sad to read the developers don’t actively support it anymore.

(BimoBeule) #7

I’m really surprised that this game is not much more popular. I have a few years World of Warcraft played (until the Karate pandas arrived …) and since is Rad Soldiers despite its simplistic nature, the first game with long-term motivation for me. And I have it only as an app on the iphone I can only assume that there is far too little advertising and too little platforms for this fantastic game.

(Sandman77) #8

yup very sad… :frowning: