Underground Secondary Objectives

(Cordyceps) #1

For the first objective point, I feel like the secondary objectives really can benefit both sides instead of just the attackers. If both secondaries are closed, attackers will have to guard only two entrances, but any secondaries open means they have to watch more entrances to keep defenders for defusing. Maybe the update to Underground should contain secondary objectives that are more of a benefit to only the attackers.

(sangrexlol98) #2

we know they secondary obj never help you…

(Brycko) #3

Have to agree with you. I actually thought it would be interesting if, in ranked, the defenders had the choice of which of the doors they wanted open or closed, so that they could better defend against the attacking team. Unfortunately this idea doesn’t really carry over into other maps/objectives. It would be interesting if the defending team could build/destroy generators to allow them better access to better defensive positions.