Under The Dome


The Dome map is obviously the easiest map to attack. I wanted to ask everyone how the high level players deal with this issue.

(XavienX) #2

I find Dome map the hardest to attack because it’s big with open areas that people could set up attack points, but if you do secondary objectives it saves time however the whole map is basically hard for both sides.

(gg2ez) #3

I would love to know the sh*tty defenders you’re going up against. Defending that first OBJ is the easiest thing in the world.


If defending the first objective is the easiest thing in the world, defending the second objective is impossible. You might as well be defending nothing.

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The second objective is the easiest on the map. Even if you did progress past it, defending the 3rd is like taking a nap. Too bad you can’t get to the second objective unless you complete the first one.


So I guess the second objective is a free 10 minute time boost then?

(Boorseye) #7

@JJMAJR If your team mates can cooperate well enough to attack at the same time well, pretty much.

(kopyright) #8

So far most of the rounds I played on Dome were heavily imbalanced, though funny enough not always in favour of the same side. Either the attackers can be locked down before the first objective, or they just march through all stages and completely wipe out the defenders - there seems to be no middle ground.

Not to mention that once the first objective has been blown the second is far too easy to reach for the attackers while the defenders don’t even have a chance to coordinate a solid defense while waiting for the respawn timer. In my opinion the second objective needs some major overhauling to turn it into something like the barrier on Bridge, or dropped altogether since it’s just a free time boost as @JJMAJR already pointed out.

(Aazhyd) #9

Second obj is simple as attacker: camp the site where the bomb isnt, and if the bomb is defused, immediately set one at the other site. Then camp on the MG.

(sneak) #10

most regulars in the game don’t play Dome. The competitive players don’t play it at all.

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This thread is old. Like, 4 months old.

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I love attacking this map. This is the map where I discovered how to hide by not shooting the enemy and just looking for backdoors and alleyways! :smiley:

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Nearing six months dude.

(Indefinite) #14

Dome is the current most team-skill-sensitive map in the game. Used to be Railway but people haven’t been complaining about that since Dome came out… lol

First is easy to defend in a few respects, just don’t ever overextend and be hyperprotective of your teammates. Bodyblock them while they’re incapped so your medics can get them up (while fighting obviously, don’t just sit there).

The key to the second objective is controlling the rooftop. Whoever controls it can move between either objective at their whim.

Third one can go either way. The distance between the Defenders spawn and the objective itself, along with the complexity at the site (versus the open shooting galleries of the other two) makes it harder to retake.

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Can we please stop bumping this thread? I mean, it’s a relevant issue, but when the author complains…

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Hey, if we are going to bump this thread for no reason, why not give each other insightfuls?

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