Unable to change Ranked settings from party window

(DB Genome editor) #1

In the Ranked party window, if you entered using the “Create Party” function or if you entered using “Find Match” and cancel the search, there is a “Change” button next to the match settings:

This calls up a menu from which you can reconfigure your match search preferences. However, the “Save Settings” button is always disabled:

Your only option is therefore to cancel, so you can only change your settings by leaving the party and this menu appears to be utterly useless at the moment. Which is too bad since it would sure be nice to be able to change those settings without having to go all the way out and back…

(Mustang) #2

Yea we had this problem also, it was after having already played a game, although even re-forming the party (with the same leader) didn’t help.

(Chris Mullins) #3

Thanks for the report. We were aware of this when the update went live so added it on the bottom of the Update Notes as a known Issue.

(Mustang) #4

You mean these update notes? Ranked Season 3 Update Notes

Can’t see any mention of it.