UFPlanets is Recruiting! (Forums+TS3)

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The United Federation of Planets or UFP is not just a clan or a gaming group. Its a community. Been around since May of 2002 and with 9182+ registered users on our forums, primarily playing MMO’s such as Star Trek Online, WOW and Diablo, we’re starting to branch out into different games. The clan’s primarily TS3 active group functions around the UK timezone but we’re active all the time. Reply to this thread for public inquiries or add me + pm for private inquiries. We dont plan on being a COMPETITIVE clan, just a chill group of people that like to play DB and other games together, though we can queue up for comp games if everyone’s willing. We don’t have any requirements either and everyone that respects the clan rules, listed on our forums, is welcome. If you are interested in joining this community, please leave your steam profile url as well as your name and some interesting things about you just so I can get to know you abit better. The process after that is simple, i’ll talk to you for abit and then add you to a steam group. After that, you should sign up on the ufplanets.com forums, instructions will be given if you don’t know how to exactly do that. If you like TS3 communication, active forum activity and just being around a likable group of people, UFP is for you. Be among the first to join us!

  • Derek, UFP Event Officer and Staff Writer


Forums/Website: ufplanets.com
TS3: Will be disclosed upon after further, personal, discussion.