Tweak guide

(~md20|20) #1

Anyone have a good Dirty Bomb tweak guide? I can’t find one on the forums

(chippy) #2

There really is no specific tweak guide seeing as the game is not finalized or optimised yet. You could go through the ShooterEngine.ini file and fool around with the settings.

You can find it here:
Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\Config\ShooterEngine.ini

You pretty much need to fool around with setting some settings to true/false depending on what you need. Unfortunately I don’t know them from the top of my head. I would be careful with the min/max LOD sizes and/or bias since these could make your game look crap, almost to the point of unusable. It’s very specific down to your system and configuration on what works best. For instance, a friend of mine and myself had basically the same system (only difference is that he had a SSD) and our FPS rates differed with as much as 50 with the same config.

A tip might be to look up regular tweak guides for the Unreal 3 engine itself and see how much of that still applies to DIrty Bomb.

These are a few commands that I always type into the console when I start the game (simply becuase custom binds in this engine is way to weird for me to figure out):
postProcessAAType 0
bloomsize 0
fogdensity 0
colorgrading 2

Now this doesn’t increase performance all that much (if any at all) but it does boost the visibility quite a bit. The “colorgrading” is completely optional and is definately down to personal preference.