Tutorials and et mapping resources

(Mateos) #101

You may add GtkRadiant 1.6 branch :slight_smile:

(Destroy666) #102

It’s there as “GTK Radiant 1.6+ download” - the updated links are under the link at the bottom of previous post for now, will edit the post here too after getting the formatting to work in vB. The WYSIWYG editor doesn’t work for me as expected.

EDIT: converted to vB BBCode and updated here in post 81 too.

(twt_thunder) #103

Another model download page:

this is dead, you will have to go to www.thewolfteam.org and into downloads there

(FAQIS) #104

About light:
(but wolfenstein ET still allow us to bump up gamma :()


The site is very usefull btw :slight_smile:

(V0yager) #105

Can someone explain me how to make this awesome fog effect?
Or maybe there is already exists tutorials about wolfenstein effects?

(UJERebel) #106

Try this: http://games.chruker.dk/enemy_territory/entities.php?action=show_entity&entity_name=target_fog

(V0yager) #107

Well, thank you, now i need to understand how it works.
It is strange that this entity is not on the maps, which have this effect.
I guess that can be specified in worldspawn or something.

(UJERebel) #108

Yes, you can have shader fog and entity fog. You need to test which suits the best.

(Loffy) #109

Some inspiration for map making.