Tutorial suggestions ??

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Ok, lets start the ball rolling on Wolf tutorials, anyone got any suggestions or what they would like explained in further detail …

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Hiya Sock

I cant speak for all people obviously but over the years I have spoke with many many mappers as you can imagine, and everybody seems to come to the same conclusion.

Most tutorials around Today which are orientated for RCTW are usually 1 of 3 things

1.Very good ( well written and understandable)

2.Good ( not written well and not understandable enough )

3.To congested with Quake, and not Specific RTCW

A percentage of people can understand and comprehend the tutorials we have and know are around, saying that… Many many people have to view 2/3 tutorials onthe same subject to come to a resonable conclusion.

So, Basically i would say any tutorials which are written should be done 2 ways i think :smile: 1 for Newbies 2 for not-so newbies where as 3(for experts) is not needed .

Hope you can understand what im trying to say, sometimes its difficult in words lol

till the next time



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I know what you mean about the tutorials but that is not the question! Did anyone want a tutorial on a certain subject of RTCW mapping, not Quake 3. Plenty of Quake 3 tutorials exist already, so it would be pointless duplicating effort.


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Still not answering the question :razz:

I would rather see the core documentation updated for wolf instead new tutorials. Some specific areas would be new shader keywords and more detailed descriptions of wolf specific entities (Which ones work in MP/SP, which ones you can use alertentity on, a bit more on how you use some of them. The wolf_entities.def is quite vague in a lot of places.)
A little more detail in the scripting manual wouldn’t hurt either.

The way I see it, if the behavour is well documented, it is easy for the communtity to write tutorials (which can be more step by step and better illustrated than the core manuals). Creating test cases maps to discover the bahavour of shader options and entities is the time consuming part.

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Got to back up SCDS_reyalP here!

The .def file lists all the entities in Wolf but would love to have some indication of which ones work in MP and which are SP specific. A good example is func_leaky - only oil of the available settings works in MP but there is no indication in the .def about this.

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SCDS_reyalP, demoneye welcome to the forum. Yep certainly would be a good idea but would involve a massive amount of work to clean up the def file and then list all entities which work/don’t work in SP/MP.

I will need to speak to the coders about getting hold of the source and to start compiling a list … I maybe gone some time …


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:smile: Yup i new it was Nice and Valid :smile:.

Would be cool and a lot easier for the newer people, and espescially good for the absoloute fools but have Enthusiam to the MAX.

Perfectionist AKA Perfectionistagain


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Yeah, I can see the wolf_entities.def being a lot of work. Even if it can’t all be done at once, updating the ones people come across not working could be a big help. The problem for those of us without access to the developers is that we never know if the thing actually doesn’t work, or has some restriction we are not aware of. Cacabunny/Mike from Gray Matter has been quite helpful in that respect.

I’ve done a bit here
but mostly for stuff that I ran into in my personal mapping efforts.

Updating the shader manual with the new surfparms and keywords (fogvars and skyfogvars come to mind, not sure what else there might be) shouldn’t be as bad.

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Hey all, I’d like a few new tuts plz :smile:

I was strugleing to find out how to get a gun to stand up in the offical sdk untill someone told me the key and value as it dont show on my entity info.

So I would like a tutorial on how to edit the info that shows up for each entity in the offical sdk.

Also wouldn’t mind some Shader tutorials and a decent tutorial where i can get a script_mover to move to certain locations.

Kinda like have a car/truck driving round a few streets.

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Ok, I am new and I read and saved almost every tut out on the net (I like to read).
I now have the basics and started my map, I would have to agree with some of you in saying tuts are great for the really newbie but Im now at the point where I need basic specifics not a tut. IE: how to make electrical wires, how to cut a whole in a cylinder (which I still dont know how to do). Things like that, I see this all the time now and if someone could put a doc together that may quickly define these little things on the assumption you have the basic knowledge of how to do things. The little things that only vets know how to tweak and get them working. I feel bad when I have to bug these guys almost daily because you don’t have the specifics on the tons of little things that go into a map. This I think would be good.

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 What are the new features for the updated script movers or things new in general that come with the new patch?? I would also like a updated shader param's as well as a complete explination of all the entities.
  A very complete scripting manuel would be nice. Mike said he was going to work on this, So I am waiting.......


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Halister: You are after “tips and tricks” of map making not tutorials then ?

Omnix32: Good question, probably worthwhile creating as a seperate topic.

Updated shader param’s for all entities - extremely unlikely it will happen because of time.

A complete scripting manual would be nice, yep certainly would, infact we would love one as well! :wink:

3D Brush Monkey

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Tips and tricks, there really just mini tuts in a sence, but comes back to my original question I dont think anyone has compiled anything like that. Did they, that you know of?

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Halister: Have you checked out the following link because it contains loads and loads hint, tricks and tutorials. Over 90% of what is there applies to wolf as well. In fact probably the best source u will find on Q3 related tutorial indexes.


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That site will do :smile: Thanks!!! I hit that site individualy but never seen the index section. Thanks again

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i would deffinetly like to see an in depth scripting tutorial. if there are any could u post a link to them

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Skuzzy (Matthew Weichold) has created a new website for Rtcw mappers! Whether you’re an SP or an MP mapper, these tutorials may be useful to you, especially if you’re a beginner.

Website link: https://www.rtcw-mapping.com/

Note that more tutorials are scheduled to be released later; keep checking this website if you think that it will be useful to you.

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17 year necro ?

must be a record


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Indeed. Sometimes bumping is necessary when I advertise something, which I feel is better than flooding the forum with new topics. :sweat_smile:

Skuzzy (Matthew Weichold) will be moving the tutorials from the website link that I posted above to a new forum! Here’s the link, and feel free to register: http://www.rtcw-mapping.net/