Turtle's loadouts


I am looking through Turtle’s loadouts on the dirty bomb wiki, and I think that his C63 and KE92 loadouts are a bit nuts compared to everything else.

Steady is a pretty good augment, and the SM51 loadout just doesn’t compare to the other two for me. The Hochfir is pretty good compared to the SMG9 in my opinion.

Maybe I’m missing something?

(GatoCommodore) #2

turtle should have get Crotzni instead of Hochfir

(SM83 Power Operative ) #3

He has a few good ones that are usable, but I agree C63 is his best by far. C91 is okay too if you’re lookin’ for a run and gun playstyle. I’m not really impressed with KE92 at all, though. Only seems useful for completely trying to tank an area and survive some Nader barrages or something.