Turret rotation on setup and turret death animation suggestion

(vdll) #1

I think that every Bushwhacker player would appreciate ability to rotate turret before it is placed (not affecting quick-ability usage). Not necessarily as complex as TF2 rotation by 90 degrees, simple forward-backward (180 degree, switching with alt fire key) rotation would suffice. This would be very useful for optimal turret placement, since they don’t spot targets in 360 arc.

Regarding turret death animation - can it simply explode when destroyed? That ‘slumping’ animation is sure beautiful, but kind of confusing (particularly when multiple ppl are attacking turret and you don’t get 25 xp pop up for neutralization).

TL;DR Allow turret rotation before placement. Turrets should explode immediatelly after being destroyed.

(Gi.Am) #2

+1 for rotation as it would allow to place turrets closer to walls.

The slumping animation is so that bushwacker has a short window to reclaim his turret before it explodes (shortening the cooldown for his next turret).

(vdll) #3

Interesting, never tried picking the turret up after it went limp. What kind of cooldown do you get then?

(Gi.Am) #4

not sure on the hard numbers but it is the same as reclaiming a healthy turret.

Something like this: you place the turret (your cooldown for a new turret starts at 30 sec I think) it gets instantly shot down, you manage to grab it.
Instead of having to wait 20+ sec. before you can place a new turret again.
Its down to 2/4 sec.
Pretty nice imo atleast if you survive. Jumping right behind a turret thats under fire isn’t allways working :wink: .