Trinkets and Merc Decks

(hawkeyeguy99) #1

The fact that I can only assign one trinket to one deck is simply retarded. There is no way to earn more trinkets or get duplicates of said trinkets so I’m literally limited on how many mercs I can play with trinkets on by the fact that SD just hasn’t released that many trinkets. This is dumb and should be changed until such a time as SD adds trinket cases (cuz let’s be real, they are $ hungry enough to do it.)

There really isn’t a good reason why I shouldn’t be able to assign the same trinket to multiple decks because unlike weapon skins, they are in limited supply and I can only have so many until I run out of equippable ones. SD PLEASE CHANGE. #trinketgate

(hawkeyeguy99) #2

Whoops… don’t know why I accidentally posted this in off topic… can it be moved lawlz?

(ThePigVomit) #3

I have more trinkets than I do mercs…so no there is not a shortage of them. Just sayin.

you can drop one on each deck you wish, then assign one of them as a global that will appear on every merc that does not have one assigned to it in a deck.


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(Oxayotl) #5

While it can be annoying to set up, you can always get the trinkets you want on the merc you want:
your squad is three mercs. So, three possibility :

  • each merc has his own trinket (assign one trinket to each deck)
  • two mercs (say A and B) have the same trinket, the third one (say C) has a different trinket (assign one trinket to the merc deck of C, put the other trinket as your default trinket)
  • three mercs have the same trinket (put the trinket as your default trinket)