(Orayn1 X1) #1

send me Trades

(K1X455) #2

Looking for:

  • Gen2 T93 Skyhammer in Special Edition (anything except Jackal’s Eve)
  • Gen1 H63 Fletcher (Cobalt/Swiss Gold, Spec Ed)
  • Gen1 171 Sparks (Swiss Gold, Spec Ed)
  • Gen1 CR73 Sawbonez (Swiss Gold, Spec Ed)

Get 2 for 1 for Gen1 items.

Somemore items

  • Gen2 T52 Stoker in Special Edition (any)
  • Gen1 T65 Stoker in Special Edition (2for1), Swiss Gold or Cobalt Fragment

Halloween/JackalsEve Cards
(ThePigVomit) #3

None of the gold or silver cards are tradeable.

(K1X455) #4

Geez… it used to be. Got an Urban Camo C94 Phantom from a trade.

(ThePigVomit) #5

That broke things about 3 days into trading loadouts. So they turned off everything below cobalt.