Trading my SpecEd Duplicates

(K1X455) #1

  • Must post here and state what you’re after
  • First come first serve
  • Loadouts marked as favourites hold higher value than those without so expect a higher trade up cost
  • Not looking for anything lower than Cobalt, except for items I may list.

Edit: 5 Dec 2019 Updated

(alphabeta) #2

What is your STEAM NAME/ID?

(K1X455) #3

Accepting 1-to-1 offers marked with favourites with the following items :

  • C72/SM82 Bushwhacker Spec Ed (any)
  • CR73 Sawbonez Spec Ed (any)
  • T76 Guardian Spec Ed (any)
  • KE61/KE92/SM51 Turtle Spec Ed (any)
  • S74 Kira Spec Ed (any)
  • CR42 Nader Spec Ed or Cobalt (anything except Jackal’s Eve)
  • T93 Skyhammer Spec Ed or Cobalt (anything except Jackal’s Eve)