Trading Improvment Idea

(Zolerox) #1

Disable Trading of Standard , Scarred and Worn weapon skins and enable “gold” loadouts to be tradable.
Should be a workaround for the steam inventory limit issue.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

Some people like the battle worn weapon skins. Trading bundles of them for better skins was how I built up my inventory.

(Press E) #3

Too bad steam inventory items don’t just form stacks or whatever, then they could just remove weapon skin quality entirely and free up a lot of space.

Like @Mr.Cuddlesworth said tho, some people do like worn and scarred weapon skins. You might be able to remove bronze scarred or worn skins though, since I really haven’t seen anyone go after em, at least not as many people that would like gold cards. Standard is actually not that bad and for upper level weapon cards like cobalt or gold, I’ve seen a lot of people deal with worn or scarred cards

(Zolerox) #4

alice scarred M4a1 looks good (to me at least)
and yes, i meant “bronze rarity’s lower then refined”