TrackBase Map Contest 2019 [feat. WolfWatch & TheWolfTeam]

(JoNny) #1

Dear SplashDamage community,

I’m very happy to announce a short teaser for the next ET Map Contest that TrackBase will host in cooperation with WolfWatch and TheWolfTeam!

Here’s a quick teaser for this year’s contest

Visit our website and subscribe to participate, starting 1 March 2019
TrackBase Contest

TrackBase | WolfWatch | TheWolfTeam

(ronboy) #2

Awesome news! Since I wasn’t able to witness the results of the contest in real-time last year due to being absent for several months, I will try my best to do so this year.

Good luck to all mappers that will participate. :+1:

(JoNny) #3

The teaser phase is over, our new Map Contest 2.0 is now live for signups: :smiley:

(twt_thunder) #4

oh come on, there must be some old mappers around here who wants to beat me,DVRH and Kemon in a map contest!?!?!
I dare you :smiley:

(ronboy) #5

That’s the spirit! :+1:

(twt_thunder) #6

ha! that goes for you too @ronboy… I know you can map :smiley: :smiley:

(WolfWatch) #7

Indeed would be nice to see @ronboy also do a map for the competition. :slight_smile:

(Onkelb0b) #8

from march to october, october to march would be better :smiley:
i would maybe, but i am very busy outdoor, in garden for example.
i am too old :smiley: and the truth is, i mapped the last half year, i need a break, and more Ram :smiley:

(JoNny) #9

Well, the contest is open for signups until 31 July, so you’ve got plenty of time to relax and think about your potential participation. We’d be happy to have several contestants with new maps to choose from. Prices can be found here, if that changes your mind :wink:


(ronboy) #10

Thanks for your support, guys. Unfortunately, I most likely won’t have time for this, as recently I barely have any time to work on my Castle Wewelsburg project for Rtcw SP. My availability as a mapper is very inconsistent due to having a busy real life, and as I like to say, real life should always come first. :slightly_smiling_face:

(twt_thunder) #11

ok, but I really do think more peeps could join in just for the fun of it… @Magic you still around?
@onkelb0b, age is not or should not be an issue :slight_smile: ram is tho

(Onkelb0b) #12

ronboy is right, life comes first.
im lucky that i could release a first playable version of my actual map.
it was months of stress for me
and there is still so much to do.

but i wish all good luck :smiley:

(JoNny) #13

I’m happy to announce that SplashDamage is contributing to our contest and will be part of it as a sponsor. :blush:

Will you join in and fight for their yet secret prize?

Sign up on TrackBase:

(Onkelb0b) #14

@JoNny , thanks for unbanning