Totally non bias description of merc mains

(Your worst knifemare.) #1

Aura: New player or someone who always has a station ready no matter what.
Pheonix: Probally made resurrection type joke before. Also loves fruit.
Sparps: Either plays her for waifu material or 383.
Sawbones: “Meta” player. Also forgets he has health packs until he needs them.
Guardian: Loves Hunter mains while hated by Nader and Fletcher mains. Fire supports dont mind her though.

Skyhammer: New player or instantly direct hits ammo to you from across the map
Kira: A weeb, a cultist, or loved history in school.
Arty: “Meta” player. These dont exist after 1.0 removed him from the meta.
Stoker: Either likes fire or was an Arty main before 1.0.
Javelin: Relies on cheap kills, will die at least once to her own rocket.

Fragger: Javelin but less suicidal
Thunder: Fragger but knows how to use their gun. Also wants medic x thunder to be a thing.
Nader: Typically spams most of their grenades in one spot, including obvious sky shields.
Rhino: Feeds off the salt and tears of all of his kills. Friends with Aura.

Fletcher: Nader but stickier and knows how to do the objective.
Proxy: Thinks their the best whenever they one-shot a low health enemy with their shotgun. In reality they spend 90% of the game dead by their own mines.
Bushwacker: New player or expect to get killed by random turrets no matter how stupid the spot.
Turtle: His shields are put in weird spots. They work but it’s still weird.

Vassili: Probally thought they were a pro in COD or battlefield and couldnt wait to grace the DB servers with their skills. K/D is 1/32.
Aimee: Vassili but can actually aim. Also has a strong dislike to Proxys so they deserve some respect.
Redeye: Annoying at times but get pretty salty when you manage to track them through their smoke. Strictly used pdp.
Phantom: Either dies 50 times or kills 50 people, there is no in between.
Hunter: Deserves more respect than given since his weapons take effort to hit targets with.

(Your worst knifemare.) #2

Scrubby: A God amongst men, if you see one run.

(Press E) #3

Nader but stickier

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

Hes good with his hands.

(23OO23) #5

Hm. Hard for me to agree with most, but I will add my few cents for some mercs I play, but noticed certain patterns while playing with or against:

Aura: Is a lazy shit and just wish free support xp by placing her… thing… somewhere… does not matter - free xp.

Redeye: PDP one suck balls, the Dreiss one rules, and the Grandeur one is a spammy one. He either spams you to death, or die trying. Usually dies, but sometimes make you think he’s cheating. He’s not. He sacrificed his eye to RNG god.

Phantom: If it’s not a melee Phantom, yer wrong. It’s always a melee Phantom. He just sometimes get confused and tries to melee you from afar with a gun. But sometimes, rarely, you might see a real land shark with a gun.

(Meetrock) #6

Actually the best merc in the game is Aura.

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(23OO23) #8

Indeed. Whenever I want support exp, I just go Aura and place my trusty turdy somewhere. Flies come right away, and I can just do what I like the most: nothing supportive :3

(Meetrock) #9

Ironically they both have good weapons (forgot the name, but they only share one weapon)


Indeed. Whenever I want support exp, I just go Aura and place my trusty turdy somewhere. Flies come right away, and I can just do what I like the most: nothing supportive :3

I actually like being a support, but the only one I like playing is aura. I usually get at least 20 revives in intense matches with her. I also like the fast-paced aspect of the game and she is the perfect merc to exploit it. And her Blishlok is so powerful.

(23OO23) #10

That’s why she’s been my most played merc for a long time, even after I stopped playing medics almost entirely. You just place yer turdy and go have fun. Also revive sometimes. If you feel like it. But the memes~

(Your worst knifemare.) #11

Since this thread is technically still alive, I made some new descriptions.

Proxy: “The devils greatest trick, was convincing everyone he didnt exist.”

Vasilli: (V,2,1)

Kira: Constant spam of kawaii. (I would know)

Rhino: Wishes he had a sandwich instead of a shotgun.

(Press E) #12

We need a theoretical description of theoretical Ember mains

(Your worst knifemare.) #13

Ember: Any tf2 pyro stereotype but multiply by a very high IQ. Gives no s**t about Fragger/ Sawbones meta and actively hunts those mercs down specifically. Will constantly die to any other merc besides those 2 after getting them to 1 hp.


… and yet I’ve still seen people scatter from Nader’s launcher while inside Guardian’s shield. I laugh so hard. 10/10, mental warfare. Respect the queen.

(Xenithos) #15

I love the Phantom description, though I also feel it applies to Naders. She’s probably the most meta pick outside of dumb proxies.
Also, love the Rhino description.


So true. I’d even add Kira to that list. You either find a great one or you find a laughably bad one.

(Your worst knifemare.) #17

Tbh I should’ve added Fletcher to that too.