Totally non bias description of merc mains

(Your worst knifemare.) #1

Aura: New player or someone who always has a station ready no matter what.
Pheonix: Probally made resurrection type joke before. Also loves fruit.
Sparps: Either plays her for waifu material or 383.
Sawbones: “Meta” player. Also forgets he has health packs until he needs them.
Guardian: Loves Hunter mains while hated by Nader and Fletcher mains. Fire supports dont mind her though.

Skyhammer: New player or instantly direct hits ammo to you from across the map
Kira: A weeb, a cultist, or loved history in school.
Arty: “Meta” player. These dont exist after 1.0 removed him from the meta.
Stoker: Either likes fire or was an Arty main before 1.0.
Javelin: Relies on cheap kills, will die at least once to her own rocket.

Fragger: Javelin but less suicidal
Thunder: Fragger but knows how to use their gun. Also wants medic x thunder to be a thing.
Nader: Typically spams most of their grenades in one spot, including obvious sky shields.
Rhino: Feeds off the salt and tears of all of his kills. Friends with Aura.

Fletcher: Nader but stickier and knows how to do the objective.
Proxy: Thinks their the best whenever they one-shot a low health enemy with their shotgun. In reality they spend 90% of the game dead by their own mines.
Bushwacker: New player or expect to get killed by random turrets no matter how stupid the spot.
Turtle: His shields are put in weird spots. They work but it’s still weird.

Vassili: Probally thought they were a pro in COD or battlefield and couldnt wait to grace the DB servers with their skills. K/D is 1/32.
Aimee: Vassili but can actually aim. Also has a strong dislike to Proxys so they deserve some respect.
Redeye: Annoying at times but get pretty salty when you manage to track them through their smoke. Strictly used pdp.
Phantom: Either dies 50 times or kills 50 people, there is no in between.
Hunter: Deserves more respect than given since his weapons take effort to hit targets with.

(Your worst knifemare.) #2

Scrubby: A God amongst men, if you see one run.

(Press E) #3

Nader but stickier

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

Hes good with his hands.

(23OO23) #5

Hm. Hard for me to agree with most, but I will add my few cents for some mercs I play, but noticed certain patterns while playing with or against:

Aura: Is a lazy shit and just wish free support xp by placing her… thing… somewhere… does not matter - free xp.

Redeye: PDP one suck balls, the Dreiss one rules, and the Grandeur one is a spammy one. He either spams you to death, or die trying. Usually dies, but sometimes make you think he’s cheating. He’s not. He sacrificed his eye to RNG god.

Phantom: If it’s not a melee Phantom, yer wrong. It’s always a melee Phantom. He just sometimes get confused and tries to melee you from afar with a gun. But sometimes, rarely, you might see a real land shark with a gun.

(Meetrock) #6

Actually the best merc in the game is Aura.

(Your worst knifemare.) #7


(23OO23) #8

Indeed. Whenever I want support exp, I just go Aura and place my trusty turdy somewhere. Flies come right away, and I can just do what I like the most: nothing supportive :3

(Meetrock) #9

Ironically they both have good weapons (forgot the name, but they only share one weapon)


Indeed. Whenever I want support exp, I just go Aura and place my trusty turdy somewhere. Flies come right away, and I can just do what I like the most: nothing supportive :3

I actually like being a support, but the only one I like playing is aura. I usually get at least 20 revives in intense matches with her. I also like the fast-paced aspect of the game and she is the perfect merc to exploit it. And her Blishlok is so powerful.

(23OO23) #10

That’s why she’s been my most played merc for a long time, even after I stopped playing medics almost entirely. You just place yer turdy and go have fun. Also revive sometimes. If you feel like it. But the memes~