Too many OHKOs?

(CCP115) #1

Too many one hit KO’s right now in my opinion.

-Shotgun headshots (unavoidable in a lot of situations)
-Skyhammers barrage
-Vassilis everywhere
-Fraggers grenades

I wouldn’t honestly mind that much for half of them, the biggest problem for me has to be Skyhammer.

His barrage has RIDICULOUS range, and a very short call in time, as well as a cool down which isn’t even that long. Not only that, but there are already a large number of anti-base abilities in the game atm (Arty, Fragger, Skyhammer) and I feel as though Skyhammer has the most deadly, with least skill required. Some nerf of some sort feels more in order.

I propose a very basic:
-Much more obvious beacon. Sometimes I see it and run away, which lets me get shot in the back. It feels legitimate, as if this was intended, the beacon creates fear, and if thrown at a clump of people around an Aura base, will cause them to disperse.
-Increase call down time. Sometimes I will see a beacon, but it will still kill me even if I run away. The range is not the problem, it simply calls down so fast. I feel as though increasing the call down time would add a tactical element, where a beacon is thrown into an Aura’s healing aura clump, everyone runs away as a result. The Aura quickly reclaims her healing station, and barely makes it out of the radius in time. The resulting dispersion of players and lack of heals leaves a lot of stragglers that can be cleaned up by the enemy team. Sounds like a cool tactical scenario to me.

So does anyone else think the Skyhammer barrage is annoying in it’s current state? Or am I just creating problems where there aren’t any?

(Szakalot) #2

I think the barrage is annoying with multiple skyhammers. Anything around 3-4 skyhammers becomes a constant spammage of airstrikes, and they can be thrown much more stealthily than airstrikes in ET or QW.

A single skyhammer with a single airstrike is hardly a problem, at its present cooldown rate.

(GregHouseMD) #3

I was wondering if Skyhammer’s airstrike had taken a nerf recently. I see far fewer people die to it now than a month back.

In some cases, you really can’t avoid it ( without jumping into bullets, at least ). In those cases where it’s not either an airstrike to the face or bullets to the face, here’s what I find useful:

First: Take note of the line drawn by the marker ( always perpendicular to Skyhammer’s facing when he threw it ). Second: Move away from the line, perpendicular to it. The blast isn’t really that wide, but the shells strike in a long line. Third: Survive.

If you pay attention and notice the marker fast enough, you’ll have no trouble avoiding the strike ten out of ten times. Assuming you’re not stuck, pinned down, getting stabbed in the face or are otherwise inconvenienced.

(watsyurdeal) #4

It’s not that hard to avoid if you’re paying attention, you’ll see a red line where it lands and that’s basically the direction it’ll be going. So if you’re already in the area when it’s activated, then yea you are kinda boned…but if you’re there right before it goes off or before Sky throws it, then you have no excuse to not get out of there and back off till it’s run it’s course.

If anything I see more people playing Fragger since the Airstrike is better at killing the EV than players, Fraggers nades are more versatile, while the Airstrike is more situational due to the need for an open area and it relying on the right placement.

(CCP115) #5

You all raise some valid points, but I rarely see Fraggers for some reason. Quite confused as to why ( I am in Oceania.)

And I just can’t help but get annoyed at waiting 20 seconds to spawn, run all the way to the frontline, fight for about 10 seconds before I have to retreat, or get killed, by some Skyhamer spam.

(watsyurdeal) #6

Better than killing someone, trying to finish them off, med runs in and revives him and they double team you.

(CCP115) #7

But this happens ALL the time.

(Terr) #8

But this happens ALL the time.[/quote]

It’s even worse when they’re clearly relying on the invulnerability time and bullet-sponging effects of the guy in front.

Players who are revived repeatedly within a short time should have worsening penalty to their revived-health and revived-invulnerability period.

(capriciousParsely) #9

I died alot in the beginning. Both to airstrikes, snipers, mines and grenades. But after a while you know what to do to avoid them. Like, listen to mine sounds and dont run after Proxys. Run as soon as you hear the airstrike marker. If you see a fragger and he shoots at you and you cover, you know he will throw a nade to get you. Also, don’t stand in groups for too long. Basically, I think people have started to learn the game.

(t3hsquirr3l) #10

I feel like it’s a really good balance, where snipers do their job and close-combat is fast and very deadly.

Never close to CQC unless you’re ready to lose some teammates; do what you can to give yourself every advantage (healing, lead with nades, prepare a fallback, whatever) and then just trust to skill and luck. :smiley: If there’s a sniper you’ll probably lose someone, but then you’ll know where he is and can plan accordingly.

What I’m saying is that one-hitters are fine because most of them come with big risks.
Shotguns = close-quarters, most dangerous place to be. Snipers are weak once they’re found, since perches rarely cover enough map. It’s usually easy to avoid their killzone as you approach or even suppress them.

Grenades are a pain, but you can guess when they might be used easily enough and that is a big help in avoiding them. I’ve even gotten to tricking enemies into wasting their nades.

Airstrikes, listen for the plane and watch for the marker. You know they’ll be used in alleys and on objectives, so use that to your advantage.

List goes on, as others have pointed out, it’s just a matter of learning to play against them. You’ll still die to them, people will get the drop on you, you’ll do something stupid, but that’s okay. It is war after all.