To SuperNge

(Jerry-Rigs) #1

Fast & Furious in the hands on somebody that knows what they are doing is very effective. BTW, I know I’m beat on this one but I don’t quit. :wink:

I see players field Dave heavy squads that squander their mass to cause a lot of wounding on turn 1 or 2 but no kills and they are left with a pistol and 3-4 fists vs wounded Kate with Pistol or S&P, wounded Ivan with AR, and wounded Madam with a Fryer.

I’ve played a lot of level 23 players who have no clue what they are doing and they do it over and over again. For example, they are in optimal range behind green but there are open squares left and right and I’ve already used 1 arty strike so they should know what I have. I have tried to teach noobs but I cant even get them to the forums for a discussion.

I saw you posted recently and decided to toss a few challenges to veterans to see if any responded. You are the only one so far.

See ya in the field.

(SuperNge) #2

Hi Jerry,

At that moment, play 14 point style nearly the same with 20p in the past. But 20p play style more better because they have more soliders to carry (not 20p now).

Some time, i wonder how to teach other player (with same level we meet in random). Its very hard because they don’t chat (few people use), they don’t want to meet againt, or they don’t want to lose…and they don’t come to forums (where have everything to play better).
With my opinion, i chose defeat them with my best skill. I want to make them fear, make them “think more” and play more carefully, and more interesting with “what i play”.
And after a time, people divide in 3 style:
1 - people don’t want to learn (70%): they let the game be (after 2 days), they quit when see me againt (random match), or play with me 1 or 2 turn and let stop… i can do nothing with them.
2 - people want to learn or want to play with strong player (10%): they invite me play for 2nd, 3rd…and play more carefully, more power, more creative…After more than 2 match all of them play better. Some people see me in random and play carefully with more thinking…They change squad, change style, move better…yes, they are good player. And i give them all i have.
3 - people just play (20%): they play like the first time we meet.

I think we can leave message for every match we play that “go to the Warchest forums”. Maybe we can have more people to come and see. Is it good?

P/s: we both know what we playing this time to keep the game Alive, and waiting more people to comeback. I wonder if we do it too late?

(Jerry-Rigs) #3

A lot of players don’t chat. Of course that could be because there is no shared language. If I see the same player a lot, I try to send “”. The forums get very few views so the message isn’t getting out. There is one player who actually followed through and contacted me here. I was impressed.

I think most players today are just looking to kill some and time don’t care about being competitive. There is one that I keep meeting that keeps coming back but most bail as soon as they lose a toon.

(Jerry-Rigs) #4

I guess I usually don’t use extra toons in 14 pt games because I like to have direct fire power after the specials are done. However, 2 or 3 grenades can be devastating if used correctly. In 25pt games, there are enough points for me get my staying power and over toon to get a couple extra specials. I don’t play that many 20 point games and I get caught in a middle ground where I cant decide between direct fire or specials.

There are several over toon squads I run for fun, A squad filled with bare-fisted Archies has some surprising staying power.

I like to find a weak point where I can concentrate and kill. You have been aggressive but controlled and maneuvered well. I have not been able to find a place to focus. You have effectively confounded me which has lead to my defeat. I may not be aggressive or risky enough. I usually run into “new veterans” that way too aggressive and over extend themselves. I lot of times I can weather their 1st strike and maul them with a counter strike. Old veterans don’t typically leave those openings.