To convert a Doom 3 .map to other .map files & Vice Vers

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Is it possible to convert a Doom 3 .map to another .map format and vice versa? I know brush information is stored differently between D3’s and others’ .map formats, so you can’t really open or import non-Doom 3 maps for Doom 3 mapping. I searched but nothing relevant came up either.

edit: Wow, last post on august. Is this place practically dead?

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This section was never really buzzing of activity, so to speak. Dedicated sites like Doom3World are still more favourite places to ask questions.

But to answer your question: as far as I know, there are only a few things you can convert Doom 3 maps to with the in-game editors or GTKRadiant. Mostly it’s Doom 3 -> Quake 4 or Prey but not the other way around.
However, most editors can still read the old pre-Doom 3 formats meaning you can import brushwork from Q3 maps.

Going the other way around is harder to do. Maybe there is some converter or map editor which can save to the older formats, but I’m not sure if such a thing exists.

(denizsi) #3

Thanks for the reply. I found out that you can strip any non-D3/Q4 map down to brushwork alone, getting rid of all entities and then import it to Q4Radiant (built-in Q4 editor). When you save it as a new map, you can then open it with D3 editor or GtkRadiant 1.5. GtkRadiant causes weird problems though.

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