[TK2S] - Need friends to play? Join this Steam group!

(BanHammer) #1

You may or may not know me from my Steam Guide or [url=“https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQ_rLHFsNxw5J6zetRpB4jlwcdOQJPpp”]YouTube Tips & Tricks.

TK2S isn’t officially a “Clan” or “Team”. If you’re looking for people to play games together then join! It doesn’t have to only be Dirty Bomb too!

Click here to join.

(SkrubLord) #2

I’m interested in joining your group. I added you on steam, add me if you want so we can talk :slight_smile: (Steam-name is SkrubLord)

(BanHammer) #3

The group is free-to-join! Anyone is allowed to join in.