Tips for becoming Elite operative - Ranked season 4

(martha_smith) #1

what is the most easy way to become elite operative ,

i’m stuck at bronze , but i played with my friend who is elite operative , but because of me my team got defeated , and this happened several times ,

but my goal is to be elite op. , is there any way by which i can become elite operative in this season ( Ranked season 4)

(ValyrianKaos) #2

Play a support class if you’re aim isn’t up to scratch. But basically. If you are not a elite operative calibur player, then you won’t be one. Nothing wrong with that.

(Shenaynays) #3

In all honesty i would say not to rank with him, playing against people who are higher ranks than you is always a good way to get better at the game but if they are fully outclassing you and you cant get out of bronze. It would be advisable to rank with someone in silver. Easier games get you easier points aha

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #4

I don’t think there is an easy way, pal.

(fasT32) #5

You’ve got to gradually work your way up. Play with some silvers and golds for now until you can beat them. Then move up and start playing with cobalts and elites once you’re gold. The only way you will get better is to be dedicated to the game and play with people who are better, but not a TON better than you to the point where you don’t even get a chance to shoot at the person. If you are willing to, post some footage of your gameplay on the forums or Reddit, I certainly will be willing to give you some pointers, along with many other members of the community.

(martha_smith) #6


i’ll upload my gameplay

i think i deserve silver , cuz i’ve played 300 ranked matches

but still i’m bronze recruit

(Mc1412013) #7

1st dont blame yourself. Its a team effort. You probably did better than you think.
2nd rember it balance is broken af.
3rd its taken me 4.8 seasons to get past mid sililver. I usualy drop 3 ranks as soon as im one match away from passing my highest rank.
4th balance is broken
5th its just ranked. Yes its the serious game play mode but end of day its just a game dont beat yourself up over it. You will get there just give it time. Good things those who wait.(yeah i dont believe that either)