Tiny tweaks for Hunter

(Da_Mummy) #1

After picking up the Alaskan Fishboy and actually really liking him (despite my hate for the recon category in general) I kinda want to give some tini tiny tweaks for him.
Keep in mind that I won’t discuss numbers AoE stats or DMG just some things that bugged me while using him.

First of all: please change the voiceline “tagged him”. What I mean is that every time you shoot his normal arrow (at least it feels like it) he says it EVEN IF YOU DON’T HIT ANYBODY. It’s like burned into my ears at this point so could you please turn that down a bit. His whole “nuts and bolts” line is kinda alright since you only fire the shock arrow every 15s or more.
Second: is it just me or is Hunter a whole lot more grunty than the rest. Might just be personal experience but to me it feels like my lovely games of hopscotch turn into a North American Inuit Porn all of the sudden. But that could be just me.
And thirdly: Hunter can’t hit people’s head in the EV. I LOOOOOVE poping the heads of overconfident Proxys that just repair their personal mobile turret, but with hunter it unfortunately doesn’t work. Dunno if that’s a bug but anyway…
That’s just my experience after 15 hours with the Alaskan so tell me if you think otherwise.

(henki000) #2

Yep, you cant kill people driving EV with crossbow. Strange realism.

(Terminal_6) #3

The collision box of his arrows is probably what prevents him from killing people on the EV. I’m pretty sure I’ve done it once or twice, but I think you need a height advantage to do so. Also due to the collision, trying to shoot someone partly behind cover often ends up with your arrow hitting their cover even if you were aiming correctly. Obviously this sort of thing can be learned to avoid, but the collision box is too big anyway, methinks.