Tides of War

(ronboy) #21

I don’t think so.

(Killer-Duck) #22

Is the format for the archive “*.xwb3”??? If so, maybe this will help:http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/XBOX_XWB3

(vicpas) #23

Eugeny wrote:
Tides of War is made from multi-player version.
I ask:
Where he got this information?

(Eugeny) #24

I found in the main file note about that, or rather the way after compiling

(Eugeny) #25

[QUOTE=daz2007;284486]I am trying to Put the First Level of tides of war into the PC Version of RTCW

I have an Old Chipped Xbox, and i managed to make my “Return To Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War” into an ISO and Extracted the Data.

There are no PK3s, Instead they are a bunch of Files called Cachemaps that contain the data, but I cant find a way to extract them.

Here is part of a cachemap file in Hex.[/QUOTE]

I think I know how to retrieve data from the game

need some way to open the console (~) and type splitcachemap

(vicpas) #26

Hello, Eugeny.
I hope you got to retrieve data and give us(RTCW’s fans) this gift.

(Eugeny) #27

I’m no have XBOX

(nonoMapper) #28

I have it on xbox but i doubt i can open the console without a keyboard.

(vicpas) #29

Hello, Eugeny.
You need to find a partner with an Xbox.

(.Chris.) #30

You could have remade the levels by now using an emulator and screenshots.

(ronboy) #31

Speaking of emulators, here’s an xbox emulator. Maybe it will allow Tides of War to be played. :slight_smile:

(Staatmeister) #32

How would an emulator helps? You will need an ISO of the game, because no DVD drive can read XBox DVDs.
It would only be helpful, if you could catch the data, for identifying the actual map from that cachemap mess.
Otherwise you could use an XBox.

(.Chris.) #33

To make screenshots of the maps and then make the maps by hand, considering it’s taken over a year now with no luck to extract the maps someone might as well had made them by hand now and had them finished.

(Mateos) #34

Or make a program which can read an ISO, recognize the map files, analyze the polygons, then convert it to a known format, like the Vice City Stories for PC team is doing from VCS PlayStation 2 to San Andreas PC (Before through Maya)… I would like to be able to do such magic.

(Staatmeister) #35

Oh, there are programs, which can read and extract xISOs. That happened. Some of us have extracted this stuff. Problem is, there ar no maps files on that disc, it is more a chunk containing the map, the textures and the scripts in one file per map.
It is possible to extract the map and convert it, for sure. But it need an experienced hacker and some time to do that.

(twt_thunder) #36

tried dragon unpacker? it seems to open a lot of stuff

(ronboy) #37

I realize that map conversions would take a lot of time, skill, and patience. This thread has been around for quite some time, and I was hoping someone would get the job done. We will see, I guess. :slight_smile:

(Staatmeister) #38

Showstopper! I have tried two existing XBox emulators, none of them plays RtCW.
And before some really intelligent question comes, yes i have unpacked the whole DVD, and tried to load the default.xbe.

(FFSturm) #39

Seriously, you can obtain Rtcw Operation Resurrection (which is basically Tides of War) and use pscx2 emulator and dump the data. (or use rippers)

I even played it on max graphics with a gamepad and it was good.

Even with gamecube/wii games has been done with Dolphin emulator, which provides HD graphics.

You just dump ISO’s and load them.

Edit: this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpUx8Bn5EQE&feature=related

(luxox_16) #40

I will try to rip the geometries of the maps to .obj format in my free time

I only have some textures from the different characters of Operation of Resurrection (the same models of pc but different textures)