Thunder's EMP

(SiwaonaDaphnewen) #1


It bothers me why Thunder lost EMP on his grenade~~ and moved it on Phantom~~. I never could understand that. Since that point multiple mercs with deployables appeared and it would be kinda interesting to have it back even though SD introduces EMP merc and fixes Phantom.

He’s an assault merc and should specialise at assaulting enemy positions, but i do feel he’s weaker at that than Fragger and Nader because of his inability to deal with deployables. Speaking specificly the shield, the healing station and the turret.

Shield can block the effect of concussion grenade: it will jump back and get no effect on whoever is behind the shield even if it’s right at his legs. The heal station lets targets to survive a little longer or make you kill the station first - both cost you those valuable seconds of concussion effect (and bullets in mag). Turret will prevent you from being too agressive, delay your attack, make you take it out first which, again, wins enemy a valuable time of concussion effect. If you act too dumb brave it will damage you at best or kill you at worst. Meanwhile other assaults can just destroy deploables without aiming to do that in a first place.

Is it possible to get the EMP back?

(Guziol) #2

Asking for thunder buffs? Good luck with that. For some reason people will try to slit your wrists for that while at the same time saying that fragger is perfectly fine in comparison.

(henki000) #3

Thunder should have a nerf for HP, cookable concussion grenades, but then no suicide flash (he can close hes eyes, right?). Make flash black instead of white, its still too bright.

I’m not really exited for Thunders ability to EMP. That skill belongs to Phantom and future unreleased merc imo.

(GatoCommodore) #4

Buff thunder Mk46

(Guziol) #5

@GatoCommodore said:
Buff thunder Mk46

Jesus christ. YES. Everytime i swap between mk46 and timik/stark it’s such a giant difference in performance for me, and i really want to love mk46.

(LifeupOmega) #6

Would rather have the Flash/EMP with cooking back and remove the ridiculous slow down effects.

(sangrexlol98) #7

Mk46 i think was desing to spam or something

(hoyes) #8

I liked the emp while he had it, but tbh I think SD wanted to design him as a defensive character rather than offensive like fragger. Imo mk46 buff is must, then slightly tone down duration of flash and slow (like 0.5 seconds), and give thunder cooking without self blinding.