This is a complete waste of time

(nUllSkillZ) #1

And now for something completely different


Link removed.

(Demolama) #2

lol nice

(nUllSkillZ) #3

New version (beta 2) ~1,1 MB:

Link above also changed.


To clarify:
This is a voice chat mod that uses sounds from “Monty Python”.
A british comedian group of the 1970’s.

(Jaquboss) #4

lol , that is funny , just it don´t fit to non python game , You can redraw some icons and change faces , maybe it will look even cooler…

(Shazam) #5

Greaaaat ! :banana:

We install it on our server, the Yep Force Ouane : (french server) but only for this week end ! :smiley:

NullSkillz, can you had more “Ni” ?!!

and “A Shruberry !” ?!
and "Run awayyyyyyyy ! " ?!!

IMO, short sentences are more effectives than long.

GG :clap:

(nUllSkillZ) #6

I’ve found sounds that you’ve suggested.
But it has been “long sentence” sounds.
And I didn’t want to change them.

([DS]-=Pencil=-) #7

What is the mod doing?

hope you help


(nUllSkillZ) #8

It adds some voicechats (“v”).

(Shazam) #9

My teammate can’t log, so i copy-paste his message :

Hi all ! My name’s SpudGun (or SpudusGunus like mi bros Bigus Dickus^^) of the Yepteam ( and i wanted to give with my very bad english all my thanks to the creator of this sound pack. I almost died laughing when i heard the words of the holy graal and other pictures…
Thanks again for this.
But can i suggest something different ?

What about “chickeeen” in the holy graal(grail ?)
(said by the invicible Knight u know…) nothing about Sir Robin (hard 'cause the phrases are a bit long…)
Something about “Dinsdale” or “Splonge” (flying circus.)
And the most important : Run awwayyyyyyyy !(it seems that our team need it bad in matches^^)
Well this is only a few suggestions and u’ll do what u want with…

Thanks for this pack ! Bravo !Et vive l’humour anglais.


(Shazam) #10

Pack still installed on our server :smiley: (and not only for a week ! :p)
I mad some picture about Sound pack in :wink:

(incoming : we have rules on server : Ouichbase Rules ( : no panzer, no /kill, no SK !)

Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni ! Ni !


(nUllSkillZ) #11

Thnx for “hosting” the mod.

(nUllSkillZ) #12

Thanks to the Yepteam I found the mod file!

(KeMoN) #13

Now here’s a name I haven’t heard in a very long time!