There was literally no reason to bring back quickjoin

(HadronZodiac) #1

Now that quickjoin is back, the game just feels, like shit. I’m always either stomping or getting stomped, very few cases where there’s an in-between. The problem with quickjoin in its current state is how it just throws people into a match with 0 balance filters or common sense in general, making new matches with lopsided teams, shuffle makes things worse many times, etc.

A - “Faster match making”
No, faster match throwing. As said, quickjoin just throws people into matches without any sense. id rather way 3 minutes for a at least closed to balanced match than 3 seconds for a mess…

B - I cant do any more letters cuz that is the only reasoning the devs had for bringing it back

How to help fix it (probs these changes wont be made, as devs like stepping backwards instead of fixing what’s there) -

Actually balance the matches you are throwing people into, taking things into account such as average accuracy, K/D, average support/assault/objective exp, etc. Also, make it so when a match is made theres a balanced a number of players (or close to it), enough 6v3 bullshit when entering a match.

call me toxic all you want, quickjoin needs to be improved before 1.0, or new players will join their first match and get stomped into the ground, not wanting to play again.

(Your worst knifemare.) #2

Exact same thing would happen in cmm.

At least quickjoin means your able to play more.

(HadronZodiac) #3

Not 100% true actually, first the amount of people in the match woudlnt fluctuate like crazy (making balance bad enough) and shuffling actually did something, and matches were better in general.

(Teflon Love) #4

I’m pretty much with @Lord_Coctus here, CMM was about as awful as quick join.
The only consistently good matches I had was playing Ranked and everyone being mid Gold or higher. The main reason probably being that at this level everyone understands what the team needs and can provide it to some extend.
As soon as the team has to cope with inexperienced players that do their best but provide nothing of value or ignorant players that play Phantom or Vassili no matter what while being awful at it, everything just crumbles. The team suffering from less ignorance usually wins, but it’s not fun to play on either side.

(Demonic_Muff1n) #5

i agree i dont think quickjoin has any use in this game, i use to use quickjoin when i was first playing db but then later i realised that it threw me into matches with more than 200+ ping, which made the game really laggy. ever since then i use the server browser now i can join matches with less than 50 ping.

(kopyright) #6

The problem is that this works (or should work) best from the lobby, but once the match is running and things get unbalanced again it gets harder and harder to solve. If two people leave and a match is 6vs4, how should the game decide which player to add to the smaller team to properly balance it out? Does a level 100 player balance out two level 50 players on the opposing side? And once you start taking other things into account the waiting time gets even longer. Would you rather get two quick joining players to at least get an equal number of players on both sides, or play another 5 minutes with two members short until a better choice is found?

This problem has been brought up various times in the past, which makes it even more baffling that it still exists this close to 1.0.

(HadronZodiac) #7

Regarding the 6v4 problem, it should initiate a “shuffle players?” Vote, and as said, balance according to exp and other stats

(kopyright) #8

Maybe SD should then add another tutorial video to make sure new players know how to vote “Yes” or “No”, though. :wink: A vote is fine but I (and lots of other people) have seen votes that should have gone through but haven’t.

Maybe the game should initiate a second vote after a while which requires less votes to go through - if the match is still going at that point, that is…

(Mc1412013) #9

I want cmm back i got way better k/d ratio and way more xp now i struggle to get past 4- 6k xp. Most most matches

(Eox) #10

I’m pretty sure there’s little to no difference than when CMM was available. Everyone complained about CMM being an unbalanced clusterfuck no matter what despite CMM being supposed to balance teams. Culprit is once again the game’s low pop in my eyes. You can’t expect constantly balanced matches with DB’s current playerbase.

(PeterReaper) #11

No, it’s clearly MUCH worse now.

(HadronZodiac) #12

Imo one if the main downsides of quickjoin is the constant flux in players. You could be having a good match with like 4v4, then out of nowhere random players join that quickjoin just cant balance. At least in cmm if there was a balance issue, it could be resolved with a shuffle, in quickjoin the balance is constantly fluctuating and it just gets frustrating after a while.

(Kirays) #13

You couldn’t shuffle in Casual Matchmaking, it wasn’t an option.

(Runeforce) #14

A major downside to quickjoin (which really makes it unplayable,) is that half the map is usually finished, once all the players join in. I know, there’s a ‘map restart’ vote, but it never goes through, and you would have to call it literally every single map.
At least CMM vanquished that problem.

(kopyright) #15

It does sometimes but not always when it’s needed. And even when it does some people get salty af because it turned an easy stomp in a 13 minute match that required some effort (as happened last week).

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #16

Well of course they would get salty, it’s human nature to opt for “the path of least resistance” so why wouldn’t they react that way?

That isn’t to say its a quality I condone, or feel is a good feature, but it’s a part of who we are as a species; our current predicaments in “Modern Society” are indicative of this tendency and is evident in our continuous efforts in technology, as we attempt to make it more complex or autonomous to remove the need of human oversight in specific areas. I could go on a long philosophical rant on this topic but that would derail the discussion, so I won’t. What I will say is this sort of reaction is to be expected and isn’t, by any means or reasoning, outside the norms of typical behavior in today’s “civilized” society or humanity as a species.

(WatchAsILead) #17

Im surprised people feel like this, Ive had nothing but positive experienced with Quick Join except for when it puts me in an empty lobby.

Most matches I’ve been in have been pretty balanced and a fun fight to the death. I feel like everyone takes those one-off situations where its horribly unbalanced, just to post here and say EVERY match is unbalanced. When in reality its like 30% unbalanced. Thats just me tho

(LifeupOmega) #18

Funnily, I agree. Every match since the patch has been a bunch of straight up retards on my team every game without fail. Previously CMM filtered out all the dipshits and let somewhat okay players play through the browser and avoid them.

(Chris Mullins) #19

I understand where you’re coming from, but sadly we needed to remove CMM. If we had left it in we would be worse off. It was a difficult decision to make, but it was one which needed to be done. Quick Join isn’t perfect and CMM definitely had a better feature set with a better experience in some areas, but on the whole Quick Join is objectively better.

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #20

@stayfreshshoe If the population increased would it be brought back to function either alongside or completely replace Quick Join again, post overhaul? Or is this intended as a permanent change? That’s the only real question I would have with regards to this, since you folks at Splash Damage seem to be well aware of the pros and cons that came with the decision of Quick Join over Casual Match Making.