There are some bugs happening with me in gkt radiant:

(Comida Japonesa) #1

good night I wanted to know why and what is happening some bugs in the gktradiant with me like for example - can not use the delete key (since after I use the delete key on an object and when it will load the same map there is the object that I I deleted it appears again from scratch), before I could do the arena script to appear in the horst game and now out of nowhere no longer appears in the game horst, there are hours that after I compile the map works to run and has hours after that I compile does not work between some other bugs

please someone could help me solve this cause i get frustrated with this

(KeMoN) #2

To be honest, I’m entirely confused about what is actually going on, so before I can help you, I do have some questions.
You are saying that you can’t use the delete key on an object in Radiant. In my Radiant deleting objects is done with BACKSPACE, however, if I understand you correctly, this is not the issue.
As I understand it, you can delete the object, but when you load the map it is there again. This brings me to my next question, where are you loading the map? Are you loading it in Radiant again or are you loading it ingame? I’m assuming ingame, which means that the game can’t find your new version. You are also saying that the arena script is not shown in host game, so could you please explain your process of how you are testing your map?

Are you testing it in your ET installation that Radiant uses with /sv_pure 0 or are you using a clean ET installation with a pk3 for your map? I do not recommend using the first version. It is way safer in all regards to test your map in a clean ET installation with a pk3. There you have full control over what is actually loaded and what isn’t.

Could you please specify your problem or your process of testing? There is nothing that I can help you with so far.

(Comida Japonesa) #3

then let me try to explain, to delete the objects I press the h key that deletes the object well and when I’m going to load the map by gkt radiant ai that the object I had deleted appears again, I do not know what happened I do everything right the script arena to appear in the horst game before it appeared good right now doing the same now does not appear in the horst game anymore, and sometimes when I compile the map and put it in the map file and then I enter the game and put map and the map name there has hours that do not work.

I’m using gkt radiant 1.6 and I’m using wolfet clean

(KeMoN) #4

ah, I see.
H’ hides selected objects. You can use ‘SHIFT + H’ to unhide.
Hidden objects are not deleted and will still be in the map.
For deleting objects you need to use ‘BACKSPACE’.

(Comida Japonesa) #5

thanks for the first problem, now let’s go to the second problem, before when I did the arena script to appear in the horst game it worked fine right now doing right now it does not appear in the horst game anymore, it must be some bug or something that I did not do :

I did so the script:

map “squarearena”
longname “square arena”
type “wolfmp wolfsw”
timelimit 10
axisRespawnTime 5
alliedRespawnTime 5
briefing “the arena battle allied vs axis , kill the oponent.”
axiswintext “axis win.”
alliedwintext “allied win.”
mapposition_x 336
mapposition_y 255