The most underrated rapper I know

(SteelMailbox) #1

My favorite music genre is hip hop (more old school) and I 1st heard of Big pun when I played SR2 with his song Twinz.
I quickly listened to more tracks and he became one of my favorite rappers. I got really sad when I found out he died because of overweight. I am surprised he is that underrated. I feel like he has a similar flow to Em.
Basically he is amazing, well was. Just putting this here to raise attention.

(MercifuL) #2

The funny thing is nowadays all old school rappers are underrated by people. So many people nowadays listen to this new rap which sucks compared to old school rap.

(SteelMailbox) #3

Well I didn’t thought I will see another old school fan here.
And yes it sucks, the new rap makes rap more pop and I fucking hate it.

(SereneFlight) #4


(LDNGraphics) #5

Big L > Big Pun

(SteelMailbox) #6

It is all opinions but Big Pun didn’t got the credit he deserved