The MOFO Update - Update Notes 11/22/2016

(The_N00Ba) #41

Thanks for the update Splash Damage/Nexon.

(pr0nflakes) #42

[quote=“fuzzel;212969”]more lags as before…

Same here. Worst update ever.

(BomBaKlaK) #43

Since the MOFO update DB player peak during prime time get a huge amount of 10 more players !!
Hype train !!

What’s DB need

(fuzzel) #44

haha you are so right Bomba----!

(bgyoshi) #45

So many bug fixes and improvements for people that can’t afford $1200 computers. Good to see SD working nonstop on game improvements.

But I’ll still just be here waiting for new maps, game modes, and a final decision on 5v5 in casual matchmaking, or getting rid of the 5v5 competitive format and implementing 6v6 instead.

(El_padre_) #46

since the last update i have always low fps always my fps shut down i have a lot of freez and lag same when i play on minimal quality and before the update i play on super hight without freez and without problem but since this update omfg is very NOT better !!! i stop to play this games because now i CAN’T !