The jokesters [joke] recruiting

(BioHazzard831) #1

First of all, D.E.A.D. CELL is no longer active, we decided to create a different clan called THE JOKESTERS. It’s open for anyone who play BRINK, whether your a new player thats a Rank 1 or a experienced veteran thats a Rank 5 it doesn’t matter to us. In order for you to be with us you need to have the Clown Face on at all times, for the Security its up to your choice. Our clan will mostly be using Lightweight because we will be mostly trying to flank the enemy by using tactical advantagous areas and secret spots. If you guys are interested in joining, contact me on my PSN: BioHazzard831. You can also contact me in the Bethesda Forums or in New Wave Gaming websites. Thanks guys!