The invisible weapon bug that no one cares about.

(BigProblemBrink) #1

I hope i dont take my money to the garbage, thats what i hope, i have brink for a few years, but now my weapon its INVISIBLE, i can shoot, i can do everything, but my weapon just dont show NO MATTER WHAT I DO.

I deleted all the files, used C-cleaner after, rebooted, REDOWNLOADED EVERYTHING, and guess what?
My weapons STILL invisible, and theres absolutely NO WAY TO HAVE THEN BACK.
So, why are you asking us what you should do in a new brink game if you cant even create a game that works in first place?
Why i dont see ANY KIND OF HELP FROM DEV TEAM when people ask this?

Theres also some guys on steam group asking about this but NOBODY HAVE ANY CLUE on how to fix that.

So im here to show my frustation with a stupid BUG that cant be fixed EVEN WHEN U REINSTALL THE GAME.

I hope you guys help me or im gona make a really BAD marketing about this company on Steam and Facebook.

Im waiting for an ANSWER, im tired of being treated like NO ONE from this big companys that just want your money and spend a weekend in their boats.


Hope NOW i can get an answer…

(BigProblemBrink) #2

Up, i want an answer.
Stop ignoring your customers.

(Mustang) #3

Seems like you found your answer?

(BigProblemBrink) #4

Seems like i did a better job then dev team?
They moved my topic, but gave no words here.

This company is dead for me, first and last game that i buy.

Cya, have fun.

(Runeforce) #5

You are barking at the wrong tree. Brink is owned by Zenimax and they just don’t give a flying ****. Even if SD wanted to fix your problem (and I am sure they would,) they are not allowed to touch the game.

And it seems you already know the answer to your problem, as Mustang pointed out, so this is nothing but trolling.

(Nail) #6

I doubt it was ever a bug, more likely people using someone’s “leet” config without understanding any of it