The Ghostclip update release notes - 21st September, 2017

(DarkangelUK) #1

Javelin’s not done yet.

She’s bringing a brand new event, balance changes, and a whole host of matchmaking tweaks and improvements to the table in this new update.


Javelin’s Scandinavian benefactors are creeping out of the shadows with the launch of the ‘Ghostclip’ event. With their London-based ammo generation tests proving successful, the other Mercs can now get in on the action.
From today until the October 5, bag yourself a slick new look with Limited Edition Ghostclip Loadout Cards.

[li]London (BST, UTC+1): 09:00 Thursday, September 21 - 09:00 Thursday, October 5[/li][li]Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 01:00 Thursday, September 21 - 01:00 Thursday, October 5[/li][li]Beijing (CST, UTC+8): 16:00 Thursday, September 21 - 16:00 Thursday, October 5[/li][li]Sydney (AEST, UTC+10):18:00 Thursday, September 21 - 18:00 Thursday, October 5[/li][/ul]


Limited Edition Ghostclip Loadout Cards can be earned during the course of the event, in any of the three Branded Equipment cases.

These custom testing suits look as cool as the dark, wintery lab they sprang from.

Ghostclip Equipment Cases

These replace standard Equipment Cases for the duration of the event, and give you a 2% chance of scoring a Ghostclip Loadout Card. Get them in drops after playing matches, or buy them with Credits.

Ghostclip Elite Cases

These replace standard Elite Cases in the Store for the duration of the event, and give you a 10% chance of scoring a Ghostclip Loadout Card. Find them in the Store.

Ghostclip Event Cases

These guarantee a Ghostclip Loadout Card, and can only be found inside Elite Case bundles, purchasable in the Store.


Get a glimpse of Ghostclip’s additive manufacturing technology with the Specter Trinket, available now in the Store.

The Specter Trinket has a custom inspect animation, and is highlighted in the Obituaries when you make kills.

When the Ghostclip event ends, you’ll also be able to find it in the Trinket Store.



Many of you have gotten in touch with us regarding Javelin’s effectiveness in battle. We’re making many changes across the board, the most significant being a greater indication that she’s about to fire. We’ll continue to monitor her effectiveness after this update, and will be tuning further if necessary.

[li]Increased the Rocket Launcher’s charge-up audio[/li][li]Added a charge up glow to Javelin’s Rocket Launcher barrel, indicating she’s about to fire[/li][li]Added a laser pointer beam to Javelin’s Rocket Launcher when charging and firing in Guided mode, to give greater clarity for the rocket’s travel path[/li][li]Reduced Rocket Launcher splash damage radius to 4.1m (from 4.8m)[/li][li]Rocket Launcher will now only instagib Mercs over 100HP with direct hits[/li][LIST]
[li]Mercs 100HP and under can still just about be instagibbed by radial damage alone[/li][li]Previously, all Mercs up to 200HP could potentially be instagibbed with radial damage alone[/li][/ul]

[li]Reduced Javelin’s Ammo giving rate to 1/3rd of a Magazine per second (from 1 Magazine per second), half that of Ammo Stations[/li][li]Reduced Javelin’s self-giving Ammo rate to 1/3rd of a Magazine every 12s (from 1 Magazine every 30s)[/li][li]Reduced the range of Javelin’s Ammo Generator to 2.8m (from 5.6m)[/li][li]Fixed bug where Javelin could provide Ammunition through walls[/li][li]Added a visible circle when close to Javelin to show teammates the range of her Ammo Generator[/li][li]Reduced size of Rocket collision box to more closely match the model[/li][li]Increased cooldown reduction of Recharge to 15% (from 10%)[/li][/LIST]

[li]Added Estimated Wait Time and Skill Expansion bar to the matchmaking screen[/li][li]Added a visual indicator when the game successfully finds a match while the game is minimised[/li][li]Updated the Matchmaking algorithm to reduce queue times for both brand new players and very experienced players at either end of the spectrum[/li][LIST]
[li]Additionally, we are now factoring in Party Size much more heavily, so larger Parties will have closer-skilled matches[/li][/ul]

[li]Added the ability to switch to any Region in Casual options[/li][li]Fixed bug where elements of the UI could disappear while searching for a game[/li][li]Fixed bug where Party Leaders could not promote others to the rank of Party Leader[/li][li]Fixed bug where the “Find Match” button would not appear in the post-game lobby after joining a match in progress[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Friends List, notifications, and chat would overlap in the main menu[/li][li]Fixed bug where searching for a match after receiving a penalty would send you back to the Home Screen without an onscreen notification letting you know why[/li][li]Fixed bug where statistics could be missing in the MVP lineup after reconnecting to a match[/li][li]Fixed bug where the ‘Add Friend’ option would be visible on other players in a Party even if they were already friends[/li][li]Fixed bug where the searching dialogue text contained unnecessary information[/li][li]Added gameplay tips to the to the matchmaking screen[/li][/LIST]


[li]Quick Open is back! The interface has been updated to better present the Loadout Cards you’ve obtained[/li][LIST]
[li]Right click Equipment Cases and select Quick Open to open the whole stack[/li][/ul]

[li]Added Win/Loss/Draw to Match Summaries on the Recent Matches screen[/li][li]Updated the “Teammate Repairing” text to display “< PlayerName > Already Repairing”[/li][li]Updated the icon while Credit Boosters are active to be more visible[/li][li]Fixed bug where Badges were not shown in the Post-Game Lobby[/li][li]Fixed bug where the enemy team’s Quick Chat appears while dead[/li][li]Fixed bug where it was very difficult to see the selectable portion of the scroll bars in the News Feed[/li][li]Fixed bug where it was possible to get stuck on the Daily Play reward screen[/li][li]Fixed bug where the labels on the MVP lineup stats were incorrect, leading to inflated results[/li][/LIST]



[li]Various improvements to the first Objective to help mitigate defender bias, including pulling the MG Nest out from under the awning to make it susceptible to air strikes[/li][li]Fixed various player collision issues[/li][li]Fixed bug where lights at the base of the final Objective could disappear at a distance[/li][li]Fixed bug where smoke visible from the first Objective could disappear at a distance[/li][li]Fixed bug where Turtle’s Shield could be deployed outside of the playable space[/li][li]Fixed bug where the ceiling of the lowered bridge near the first Objective could kill you[/li][/ul]

[li]Fixed bug where the name of the beached ship reverted from its community-chosen name ‘Bullship’ to its previous name ‘The Unsinkable’[/li][/ul]

[li]Fixed bug where the Dome Redux loading screen would not appear[/li][li]Fixed bug where invisible water would stop bullets near the first objective[/li][li]Fixed bug where foliage near the attacker spawn would block bullets[/li][li]Fixed bug where a vent was not properly attached to a wall in Firearms Front[/li][li]Fixed bug where player collision was missing on a metal awning above Pylon B locked gate[/li][/ul]

[li]Reduced the size of Thunder and Fragger’s backpacks to more closely match the Merc hitboxes[/li][li]Fixed scaling issue with the Tactical Combat Axe’s melee hitbox[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Tactical Combat Axe was using the Cricket Bat impact sounds[/li][li]Fixed bug where players could get stuck on the Assault Course on their initial run[/li][li]Fixed bug where Redeye’s Smoke would stop Ammo Stations from refilling players[/li][li]Fixed bug where Turtle’s Shield would not play audio when hit with projectiles[/li][li]Fixed bug where Weapon Kits could not be used for Crafting Javelin Loadout Cards[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Rocket Launcher’s trail would still be heard if it instantly blew up when fired[/li][li]Fixed bug where the Rocket Launcher’s trail would disappear instantly if the rocket was blown up[/li][li]Fixed bug where the ammo counter could display the wrong value after reloading weapons[/li][/ul]