The Genome Project (question)

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Hello Community,

i have a question to the genome project. So basically there are numbers like 4/6 , 6/6 , 5/6 on every mercsite. I dont know what it means or for what it stand for. Can someone help me please.

Thank you ;D

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Not sure an the fotm member that did that i think left the forums

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That’s a bit harsh, Djiesse has been a valuable member of the community since before DB even existed.

Doubt he’s “left”, there just isn’t too much to talk about at the moment.

To answer the question:

The DB Genome Project - Everything there is to know about loadouts

Added Lineage Continuity info on the First Edition sheets showing the closest parent of the new loadouds and how much they diverged from them

So basically it’s a count of what stayed the same between the 1st edition and 2nd edition loadouts.

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Bit harsh wtf did i say??? All i said was not sure and the forum member that did that i THINK(as in not sure) they left the forums. I havent seen them post in a long time. thats it nothing relating to his value

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Ahh I see, you said fotm not forum, as in flavour of the month, which is oft used as a subtle jab/insult, kind of like try hard.

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Hey thank you guys so much. Have a nice day and take care :wink:

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I still check in regularly, but like @Mustang said, not much to talk about these days…

And he’s also correct, those numbers are just an indication of how close the 2nd edition loadouts were to the 1st edition ones.

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it’s the fact you can’t spell, I’ve mentioned this several times, most of us speak English, you don’t seem to

“Not sure an the fotm member” fotm = Flavour Of The Month

get it now ???

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As far as my spelling let me go to the f@#$ feilds and se if theres any f@#$ to give


Nope no f@#$ to give

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Wow thx Djiesse. Didnt expect you here;) And thx again for this awesome project

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2 spelling mistakes and 3 missed commas, you really need to step up your game

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