The door instead of opening to the sides like the battery map door is floating

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Hello guys, how are you doing? I was making a door open like the door on the battery map, so instead of opening it sideways, it goes out and floats out of the scenery, I don’t know what went wrong can anybody help me?

this is the map where the ports are giving an error:

mapadeteste39.pk3 (12.8 KB)

(KeMoN) #2

You appear to be missing origin brushes for all mover entities. Origin brushes are required for the game to know at which precise point the entity should be moved. Right now it doesn’t know that and uses the map origin which is kilometres away, causing the weird movement.

What you want to do is create a small cube brush and texture it with common/origin on all sides. Each mover entity (door_lever, door_left, door_right) needs one on its own! Make sure that the origin brush and the respective mover entity are tied together in the same entity. This will require you to select both the mover (e.g. door_lever) and the newly created origin brush and create a new script_mover entity. For simplicity, create the origin brush so that it has the exact dimensions of the path_corner of the default position as in the image below. (The path_corner is only hidden in that image for explanation purposes, not deleted.)

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one part that I’ve already got is that the door doesn’t float, another part that I want you to help me with is the button being activated by itself without anyone touching it and the door doesn’t open.

this map is already updated:

mapadeteste39.pk3 (13.2 KB)

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You’ll have to be more specific. I don’t really understand by what method you want to activate it instead.

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what I’m trying to say is that, now the button is activating itself and nobody moved it and I want to activate the button to open the door manually and the door to open itself, now you understand?

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The overall entity setup already looks very good and it shouldn’t be difficult to achieve that only players activate it.
First thing you might want to do is checking your names. In the map file the func_invisible_user entity is called door_invisible and in the script it’s called door_trigger. Either is fine, but it must be the same. Personally, I’d probably go with door_trigger and rename the entity in the map.

I would recommend to always use the solid spawnflag on script_movers. In the past I ran into problems when not using it. Prime example that burned itself in my memory is that moving water like in Oasis or DIngenskirchen also need to be solid to work properly.

Then you want to slightly change your door_trigger routine in the script. First thing is to replace trigger door_trigger main in the spawn routine (line 25) with trigger door_trigger up to directly open the front door at map start. You need to change that line, because we are now also going to rename trigger main into activate. Without the trigger in front! That is the routine that gets executed whenever a player activates the func_invisible_user entity.

Hope that helps.

// EDIT: Yes, I am using notepad++ in light mode.

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works fine, thanks for the help.