(evo) #1

Anyone know if there adding new achievements to the dlc:cool:

(BiigDaddyDellta) #2

Anyone know if I can find this same topic four or five other places?

(DJ_Casper) #3

LOL :smiley:

write him YES or NO. That would be ennough!

(its al bout security) #4

id rather see double posts and people getting their questions answered rather than not getting anwered and getting quisi trolled, unlike you people have jobs and lives other than forums so wgen they as these questions try to be helpful not rude. i dont tgink there will be

(Herandar) #5

The upcoming DLC will not have any additional achievements, no. Microsoft has a rule that you can not have achievements in free DLC.

(wolfnemesis75) #6

That’s interesting. I’ll take free DLC instead! Ha!

(Schwarzeis) #7

Coolio, thanks, Herandar :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe… They will keep making free DLC? :smiley:

(Zekariah) #8

Veeeery interesting. I s’pose MS aren’t making a dime…so why spend one?

(Bayonet) #9

M$, you suck. But Splash Damage kicks ass for giving it out free :smiley:

(BiigDaddyDellta) #10

Questions answered? here on this site, you must be mad!

and I’m only giving out the treatment I have recieved. Not my fault if you can’t look on the second page and see the exact link your about to post you deserve to get flamed for repeating the same thing day after day after day.

(R_Shackelford) #11

Like they really have a choice. I don’t think “paid” abilities and a fractured playerbase is really an option.

(morguen87) #12

Well, the important thing is that we are getting something, instead of nothing at all. I realize they probably had to push the game out when they did, it’s just a shame they didn’t have a few more months to work on it.

What’s the justifiable reason for never having a test/demo though? Is it so people don’t judge and give bad press to an unfinished product? How does releasing a quasi-finished, untested game make that any better? I don’t know who makes the decision on when or whether or not to release a demo, but it really hurt the game. All the feedback we’re doing now we could have been giving when they were still developing the game and we would have had a much stronger product than what we have now. People would have been much more constructive about it too, since they wouldn’t have paid full price for it to do it.

(Herandar) #13

I think it has more to do with Gamerscore Boosting than just profit, but what do I know? There are several rules regarding achievements.

(Esso) #14

Dlc dlc dlc dlc

(Wildkarrde) #15

So after 2 weeks DLC does then get achievements? You know when people have to pay for it.