The definition of an unbalancedz match

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This is the definition of an unbalanced game.

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If everyone starts posting screenshots of their unbalanced matches, the forum will run out of storage pretty soon. That’s what happens if a developer believes that match making algorithms that worked fine with chess can be applied to role based multi player games and doesn’t learn anything from watching the mess they made for years.

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A handsome sausage indeed

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The main problem is quick join. Even if the match starts off good, people will join (and the game doesnt know their skill) and throws off the balance completely.

Which is why balance also needs to take into account things like gametime, accuracy, average exp, etc

(PariahDog) #6

Looks pretty balanced to me. There is a winning team and a losing team. Sucks for you that you were on the latter. Fortunately, this isn’t a shitty matchmaking system and you can press the “Fuck this shit, I’m out” button. Looking at that team’s setup they have one medic and its guardian to boot. Shockingly though Aimee and Redeye aren’t being played.

(K1X455) #7

Have a look at this sort of balance…

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I felt like I was the only grown up in my team. I literally did everything, just see how much xp I had compared to my teammates and the other team. In the first objective of Castle I killed around 10 and repaired the EV myself, literally only me going in and trying to repair it, took me several attempts (I was a Jav). So a 7v7 isn’t a balanced game, it’s about how skillful the players are. I agree that xp earned during previous games and accuracy aren’t 100% accurate in defining who’s more skilled, but they’re the only things we can rely on on an algorithm that tries to make the game balanced (which SD fails to create).

(kittz0r) #9

There is no Matchmaking in Quick Join or Serverbrowser, I have no idea how often we have to tell you this Fact?

Also there is no Balance when Players don’t improve and stay Potato, so blame the Players for their inability to improve and playing Proxy 24/7

(Meetrock) #10

@kittz0r Who the fuck talked about matchmaking? We’re talking about the balance algorithm that ALL servers has. When you join a server (using server browser). The game will automatically shuffle the players according to their “skills”( who knows, it might be random), this only happens at the beginning of the game, so people who join using quickjoin aren’t included.

(bgyoshi) #11

So what, it’s pubs

Looks like you crushed some scrubs but lost the game, seems fun to me

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If it weren’t for me(not bragging) my team would have lost a loot sooner. I was the only one keeping the enemy team at bay.

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Lul, you sweet, sweet summer child. If you think that’s an imbalanced match… you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ve been in matches where the point spread between top fragger and bottom was like 28k to 5k. I have been in a ranked match where the bottom player on my team had negative combat score ( wiped on first push, guy probably accidentally TK’d a friendly, then just gave up, cause fucking loser ).

Quick question. Have you ever heard anybody EVER talk about MMR / ELO / SR outside of the context of ranked? EVER?

Cause there is none. Nothing. You do not have any type of skill rating attached to your profile. How could a server possibly provide matchmaking services without any type of rating information? Think about it.

Now, anybody may correct me if I’m wrong, but iirc, while you do walk into a server with a blank slate ( default 500 MMR or whatev ), as you play on that server ( without leaving ), the server will start to calculate your skill rating and balance the lobbies accordingly, but you have to stay on the server for that happen. The moment you disconnect from that server, all of that information is tossed away, and the next time you rejoin, you are reset to default MMR.

And this is on top of when people joining in progress lobbies simply getting autofilled to the numerically down team.

So you either gotta start picking apart your team composition, man up and git gud, or realize the other team is going to shit down your throat cause they’re simply better and play as hard as you can anyway. Love of the Game.


(ASD) #14

something to start with

maybe a bunch of them :slight_smile:

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and balancing before the game is not Matchmaking?

(Xenithos) #16

I’m so tired of people saying stuff like this. In Dirty Bomb there are things that happen when one team or another completely fail to live up to what they’re supposed to. You see Wetpaint on your team? He’s a fairly above average player. In this game Defenders always have a slight point advantage between 1-2k Unless Attackers are spawn camping them because of the long assist bonuses they get on objectives.

Your team happens to have ONE medic, who’s Guardian, for 7 players. The moment a team hits 6 players they NEED 2 medics. Don’t call things unbalanced when the opposing team has two medics with one of them being where he should be.

That’s not an unbalanced match, that’s a failure as a team to play the game right, and being unsportsmanlike.

Bonus tip: If you ever have a rhino BY HIMSELF spawnkill 5 people, and he’s not hacking, then you as a team are failing to kill priority wise.

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Someone finally posted an unbalanced game.

(Terminal_6) #18

Question to you all: if you’re the only good player on your team and you carry them to victory, is that considered “balanced”? Not talking about any of the specific matches posted here

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what is this Question implying? should we switch the Teams to make it “unbalanced” for the other Team or should we delete DB?

(Terminal_6) #20


there is no implication. unless you want to make one, i guess