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(DB Genome editor) #41

Minor update to reflect the addition of Javelin in Ranked Season 4 and the new Nader Obsidians.

Version 20.1 release notes:

[li]Added Ranked Season 4 Special Edition loadouts and skin preview for Javelin
[/li][li]Added Ranked Season 4 Obsidian loadouts and skin preview for Nader

(alphabeta) #42

Thanks again from all of us for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.

(DB Genome editor) #43

Tiny update to add the Ranked Season 4 weapon cases C and D.

Version 20.2 release notes:

[li]Added Ranked Season 4 weapon cases C and D

(DB Genome editor) #44

The MercServ Melee Mayhem is upon us, so time for a new update introducing melee weapon skins and a few additional minor changes…

Version 21.0 release notes:

  • Added Beta Veteran melee weapon skins
  • Updated the Graffiti Bite trinket with the new “salty” version
  • Updated all weapon skin cards with the latest versions

(DB Genome editor) #45

Now that the new forums are in place and the Genome is back in a presentable shape, it’s time to introduce (at last) the Twitch skins, and the occasion to add a few items that flew under the radar in a recent update in the form of the PTS “Tapir” rewards.


Version 21.1 release notes:

  • Updated Exclusive Skins section (previously “Exclusive Loadouts”) and added Twitch skins
  • Added Tapir weapons skins and trinket awarded to PTS participants

(DB Genome editor) #46

The MercServer update is upon us with 2 new weapon cases, new melee goodies for the existing ones and a gift for Bushwhacker owners.


Version 22.0 release notes:

  • Added “Out for Blood” Obsidian for Bushwhacker
  • Added ALICE and Aquila weapons skins and cases
  • Added new melee weapon skins and updated contents for CoreSEC, KMA and Royal Force cases

(Mustang) #47

Now the forums are merged, I think we don’t need two topics anymore.

Closing this in favour of The DB Genome Project - Everything there is to know about loadouts

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