The BR 16 needs some love now. RPM nerf was a double DPS and accuracy debuff.

(MikeGreene1990) #1

As stated. One of the more recent nerfs need to go. Either reduce the recoil back to the old pattern, and keep the RPM as it is now. Else increase the RPM back to its pre nerfed state. Having both of them together is overkill and makes the rifle useless…

Lowering the RPM is bad because each bullet shot increases the spread deviation. So not only does each shot become less accurate as spread increases per bullet, per burst interval. it also increases the felt horizontal recoil since its more staggered out and delayed between each shot in the burst interval.

Because of this reason, i still cannot figure out why you added more recoil statistically on top of the RPM nerf… ADS is to painful and inconsistent to use and it slows you down.

M4 and Timik are way better all around now. The devs made a mistake about the recoil addition. They didnt need to add more, because they lowered the RPM to make it less consistent. They needed to reduce the recoil farther to counteract the added kick from the stagnated RPM drop…

(henki000) #2

BR was my favourite for long time. Now I avoid it and rarely see it in battlefield. Looking it’s current state, I would accept damage buff alternatively. Keeping distance to laser aim guns, but still a menace, that fits fraggers playstyle.

(HadronZodiac) #3

Agreed, br16 just isnt that good anymore.