The Best Crappy Casual Rewards End Screen

(Xenithos) #1

Post the stupidest or most impressive casual rewards end screens here! Figured since it’s still crappy we might as well make a crap post solely about it.

Edit: Now that I’m not busy, you should probably say why what’s there is funny.
That proxy has 60 exp for best proxy, yet I had played proxy and gotten much more, so much more that it posted me as most kills when I actually had more kills with Guardian and ended the game with guardian as well. Also I find the Javelin having the most objective exp as hilarious considering it’s a Javelin, and it even labeled me as Proxy and the other chick as proxy.

(Mc1412013) #2

Ive had ones that omlynhave 2 or 3 mercs and 2-3 spots with nothing. Also was ranked best vassili with 40xp. Only played vassili for 1 min the whole match and that was to cover c4 in underground from top stairs.

(frostyvampire) #3

So Aura is the best Proxy. I knew it

(K1X455) #4

Gad dammit Guardian and Proxy are so sexy

(neverplayseriou) #5

(Xenithos) #6

@neverplayseriou said:

Sparks is smug. With only 670 xp…