The 6th bonus bug

(Chronicler) #1


It’s seems that DB devs have fixed the 24h cycle thing on daily bonuses rather than the reset timer deciding when new bonuses were available.

But today this happened to me.

Anyhow, during the 5th cycle, at 14:07 my time, I played an obj game to get my 5th bonus, once the obj mode was over, it said I could claim the 6th bonus, the mkIII case, I pressed claim and I got no case, however I got the 5th bonus, the 1500 credits, so there was some bug there. Then anyhow, it reset 53 min later to the 6th cycle, at around 18:00 I played 1 obj game and got no bonus (wanted to try if the 24h cycle were still in place), anyhow 1.5h later I logged in again and without playing a game it told me I could claim my 6th bonus, I pressed claim again for the mkIII case, and now it’s marked as “received” in view summary, but I got no mkIII case :frowning:

It’s all very buggy.