(SphereCow) #1



Lobster headshots?

“Aim to feet with explosives, iz better herp derp”

Is what I thought to see in the loading screen.

(Djean) #3

(Almost) nothing should instakill.
I’m surprised you don’t know despite having joined this forum over a year ago.

(BioSnark) #4

good. if you were, you’d be wrong.

(Glyph) #6

You’d slowly turn Brink into a CoD clone?

(Apples) #8

I would buy it for sure then!


(Overgear) #9

They said somewhere that GLs don’t explode on impact, the first collision lights the fuse then they explode 2 seconds after.

(tokamak) #11

Yeah make the game even more random.

Would be a nice ‘G20’ achievement though.