Test retexture of RtCW

(William Faure) #141

Very good work indeed! Keep it up Eugeny - what you’re doing is super!

(Eugeny) #142

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(Eugeny) #144

(Eugeny) #145

(William Faure) #146

Nice work Eugeny! Keep-it up - looking forward for more HD textures, I change can’t get enough of these, it looks amazing.

(Eugeny) #147

(ronboy) #148

Looks nice, Eugeny. Who is the author of these textures?

(Eugeny) #149

I’m author :smiley:

(ronboy) #150

Good job with these textures, my friend. :cool: Will we see these in The Victors?

(Eugeny) #151

Maybe :cool:

(ronboy) #152

I’ll be looking forward to The Victors. Good luck to you and all members of The Victors developer team. :slight_smile:

(Eugeny) #153

Thanks you!!!

(Eugeny) #154

(fretn) #155

looking very good !

(tzs) #156

Ja wohl! :slight_smile:

(tzs) #157

Yes, yes! :slight_smile:
Eugeny, nice pictures!

(Staatmeister) #158

Nice work, but on some points a little bit too clean.
Always loved the texture work from Gray Matter/Xatrix. Redneck Rampage, Kingpin - Life of Crime, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, even on the rare screenshots of the cancelled Trinity - Shatter Effekt. Especially their brick stuf was impressive. Try to take look on these, to get your textures canonical.

(Eugeny) #159



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