Test retexture of RtCW

(nonoMapper) #164

Nice work Eugeny, it looks great :slight_smile:
Are you going to redo all images or just a few depending on which ones you need? …and are you going to put a license on your texture pack

(ronboy) #165

Eugeny, I downloaded this texture pack. It runs great, but I noticed many non-HD textures remain.

nonoMapper, I think Eugeny is planning to redo all textures in the game.

(Eugeny) #166

In pack some 60 textures

(Dragonji) #167

I’m wondering if I’ll ever see such textures in ET :smiley:

(Eugeny) #168

Probably you will not wait:D

(nonoMapper) #169

Can you answer the question about the license?

(Eugeny) #170


  • Use these textures in other games;
  • Sell;
  • Publish under his own authorship;
  • Change;
  • Used as a base to create their textures.
  • Use to play RtCW;
  • Distribution of the pack on other sites with link of site;

Somehow :cool:

(Dragonji) #171


  • Use these textures in other games;[/QUOTE]
    My dream will not come true :frowning:

(Eugeny) #172

For an additional fee I can try to draw the desired texture :wink:

(Eugeny) #173


(Mateos) #174

@Dragonji Some time ago Berserker from WolfMap did HDET, but it seems more to be higher-res textures + bump effects than redone textures :confused:

Few times ago Venom3 released as well one pack for RtCW SP (According to WolfFiles), maybe you can work together?

Do you have tutorials to recommend for texture making? :slight_smile:

(Eugeny) #175

nope, :frowning:

(Indloon) #176

Then why not implement Parallax Occlusion Mapping(POM) as Displacement Mapping into ET? :slight_smile:

(Mateos) #177

Would be very cool, but the specs needed would change quite a bit x) I can’t run Stalker CoP with DX10 and all that effects enabled, ETXreaL has a low FPS rate with POM enabled for me… I need a new PC x)

By “bump mapping” I meant a Photoshop filter ^^’

(Eugeny) #178

(Mateos) #179

You found a secret :smiley:

Nice job, I like these!

(Eugeny) #180





(Eugeny) #181

(ronboy) #182

Nice work, Eugeny. Does this mean that you’re continuing your retexture mod development?

(ronboy) #183

Another retexture project is in the works by Shiba Inu! Here’s a Youtube video that compares the original Rtcw game’s textures with these new textures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyRfptKJutU

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1o5k4ktrkk4cv54/pak1.pk3/file