Terrible Stuttering in-game after Windows 10 Creator Update

(YourPalRags) #1

Made an account to voice this problem, so I hope it gets attention.

My computer decided it was the real boss of me and automatically started the Creator Update. Thanks Microsoft. Anyway, everything else so far seems to be normal except that in Dirty Bomb there is BAD stuttering. I play with really high FPS on a very strong computer, so it’s quite noticeable. FPS counter through Shadowplay tells me my frames should be really, really high, but you can see it and you can feel it.

Similarly, the game would display higher FPS than my monitor supports, so it would show 150. 156, etc. It has never done this before despite settings.

Has anybody else had this issue, or is it being worked on?

(_milla) #2

roll back the update