Teleporting with good ping

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I will say it straight away: my flatmates keep p2p programs on pretty much all the time, even if only for seeding their filthy p**n. They keep it up even after a talk, thus the reason I still try even though I teleport all the time.

Usually when I have lags, it is at least shown on scoreboard. Alas for two days already my shown ping is a stable 30-40. But - I teleport every 10-20s or so, and it is for me - with lags I did not see it but others did, here I can see it.

For a few games it was alright - no one said anything, so I kept playing. But at some point I was best scorer and that made them notice my teleporting. I probably got reported, I do not mind it that much - at least until I get a perma ban or something. Which is why I am writing this.

I wanted to learn if DB servers are currently in any way affected by something that would cause mini lags. I’ve heard from one person that even with good ping he/she teleported occasionally, so I thought it is probably worse for me in some way - but sadly I am unable to get better internet in a shared flat, and I love Dirty Bomb and do wish to play it even with, what seemed to be, small lags.

The biggest problem for me is that ping ingame is perfect and I am not surprised people will see this as a hack of some sorts. I use cmd with ping command for EU server for Dota 2 as I consider it to mirror DB connection well - and it does show lag spikes.

Again: I do wish to play Dirty Bomb, I already did not play for quite some time. So it would be great to hear that something like this will not get me banned, albeit I would not be surprised if it did.

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If your flatmate doesn’t mind, you could put some restrictions in router settings. I don’t have teleporting issue, but it certainly feels sometimes that there is some minor lag issue with server. From time to time, random short glimpse of lag in 2 minutes? Sometimes there is no problem.

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Well for now it is better - a lot better, so I presume more talk helped. Also - our router does not have an option to put restriction other than simply cut off access to internet - and that sadly will not do :confounded:

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Yeah, I hear you; unfortunately, the only solution known to give your game experience a reasonable ease, is to use network monitoring and limiting/firmware which is currently black listed for the use of DB.

The other solution is, get your own exclusive line, which is more expensive but exclusive.

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Oh well, will be changing houses, hopefully I will not get such considerate flatmates again. So far did not see any “You got banned, go away. Shoo.” so I guess it’s alright.