team balance

(ASD) #1


again I have to complain about teambalance…
with this match making stuff I always end up in totaly unbalanced teams!
this is no fun…

also a new thing I reconized… new players seems to waste hours to have a verry unique name with special caratcers etc… but have no idea about the game and sit all the map behinde some wall an waiting for some of the defenders team come to the attackers spawn to then die because they dont hit something…


(Runeforce) #2

Those humans. Big bug!

(AssortedStuff) #3

Apparently in Casual there is no real matchmaking, it just finds you a server to play (…if anyone knows otherwise please correct me).
For ‘real’ matchmaking chose Competitive, only available when you reach level 7.
…since you mention players not knowing what to do I assume you’re using the Casual ‘matchmaker’.

(BioSnark) #4

Given that teams constantly get reshuffled, there should be an algorithm for team balance based on a skill measure as a server option. On the rare occasions that a match actually concludes with a close outcome, I just want to quit on the high note because I know I won’t be seeing the like in a while.

(Ashog) #5

I wonder why switchteam/change team isn’t available in comp matches?