Targetpush, a new custom map for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

(Loffy) #1


Here is a new custom map called Targetpush that I made.

The Allies are attacking to steal the Axis Flag. Once stolen, they have to carry that objective back to the Allied Base. The Axis Forces are defending their flag to the bitter end.

Ideal team sizes are 8 vs. 8.

My own Omni-bot files are included, if any server admin wants to use them.

The map is optimized for double-jump, should server admins want to turn on that server settting. I.e., there are CLIP-brushes in the map, to prevent double-jumping players from reaching the wrong places or getting stuck.

Below are the files, some screenshots and a teaser film.

targetpush.pk3 (5,6 Mb. The .map-file is included, if any beginner mappers want to take a look inside.)



(Magic) #2

Nice work Loffy.
I tried to aim for the hole in the roof when i delivered the flag - with no luck…make it bigger please :slight_smile:

(diaboliksmart) #3

A nice video for a fun map ! But the last axis of the video should carry sun-glasses :tongue:

(Loffy) #4

Magic, I love that. In fact, it used to be possible to “jump out” of the map through that hole, but I put a CLIP-brush there to stop players from doing that. Maybe it made the map more boring. I want fun maps myself, so I am sitting here now regretting that CLIP… :wink:

diaboliksmart, thanks. Yes, in my future videos I must implement that great idea!

To all of you, I just want to highlight the fact that there is a small, silly secret area in the map somewhere.

(twt_thunder) #5

cool work Loffy, added it to our server :slight_smile:


Nice to put the map file inside for beginners :slight_smile:

men, du kanske skulle ha plattor på marken istället för sten?
jag tycker det blandas med väggarna lite mycket, även om skuggor skiljer dom åt :slight_smile:
mörkgråa blir nog bäst

sen kan du stoppa clip runt lamporna så man kan hoppa på dem?
(tips: gör clippet lite mindre än lampan)

(tmm35morte) #7

Lol yes sun-glasses .

(tmm35morte) #8

Nice work Loffy.

(Loffy) #9

thx t!
i got some moar Wolf:ET maps in the pipeline at the moment