Tapatalk app support

(Brinkman) #1

I’d like this forum to implement the free tapatalk service for android and iOS devices.


(Mustang) #2

Nudge nudge, wink wink


(Brinkman) #3

Amen to that Mustang. Who’s the net admin at WarChest/Splash Damage??

(Mustang) #4

AFAIK badman is the overlord of website related stuff.

But I think he already decreed it not possible on grounds of security concerns.

Massive shame though, I spend most of my life on Tapatalk and the website is definitely not mobile friendly at all in it’s current state.

Slight exaggeration, but generally at least a couple of hours each day.

(Brinkman) #5

Agreed. Sounds like a cop out response :-/

(badman) #6

Out of interest, who else is using Tapatalk?

(Brinkman) #7

If it was 6000 or 6, it shouldn’t matter since it’s 1) free and 2) requires no maintenance. C’mon badman! Don’t be such a… bad…man

(Dthy) #8

I think SD would have to buy a license to use it (since it’ll be for commercial use) so it wouldn’t be free.

(Brinkman) #9

That’s only if they want to “Splash Damage” the app.

You’re essentcaly buying the program and they give you the tools to rebrand it as your own. Which isn’t what we’re asking for anyway. The forum plugin is still free.

(badman) #10

That’s not entirely true - we use a custom login system for this board and have replaced vbulletin’s own registration and login functions with that. That makes the integration process rather more complicated and not straightforward at all.

(Mustang) #11

A considerable achievement, considering what an arduous task it is getting vBulletin to behave nicely with other auth systems, especially when you want it to act as the slave.

At least that was my experience last time I had to tackle it.

(Mustang) #12

So Tapatalk… no-one else interested in forum access from mobile devices?

(Seanza) #13

Just wanted to say I have no problems browsing and using this forum on any iOS device using Safari.

(Dragonji) #14

Yeh, would be cool if we could have Tapatalk here.

(Susefreak) #15

I already spotted two problems right there.

+1 for tapatalk

(Seanza) #16

[QUOTE=Susefreak;470594]I already spotted two problems right there.

+1 for tapatalk[/QUOTE]

? ? ?

(Nail) #17

stuff in bold, dig at iPoo

(Seanza) #18

Typical Apple hate parade participant then. Never had an issue with any iOS device. Don’t know anybody who has, tbh! The only people who complain are the ones who consider it to be too “hipster” for them…

(Nail) #19

had a G4 when it was required for ProTools, crashed more than Win Me, still half the power for twice the money as an equivalent Win or Linux machine today

(light_sh4v0r) #20

That’s because you should’ve been using Cubase instead :smiley: