Tap Out

(Fap Fap Master) #1

Should we make it that tapping out still gives finish xp to the person who killed him?
Its quite frustrating seeing someone tap out just to prevent you from getting exp

(Eox) #2

I guess that’s a legit reason.

(Ardez1) #3

Currently that is the only reason to tap out besides to spectate. If you are going to take away the XP prevent, then just take out the mechanic and force them to watch their dying body. Some people tap out just to watch somebody play while they wait(casual).

Otherwise, no reason to tap out…

(Eox) #4

[quote=“Ardez;21986”]Currently that is the only reason to tap out besides to spectate. If you are going to take away the XP prevent, then just take out the mechanic and force them to watch their dying body. Some people tap out just to watch somebody play while they wait(casual).

Otherwise, no reason to tap out…[/quote]

Lots are using it to prevent finishing exp to be awarded : if you come back towards them knife in the hands, they will simply tap out before you hit them. And it is mostly used like this in pubs.

It’s not a huge issue though. But it feels annoying to some people, which is something I can understand.

(GregHouseMD) #5

Tapping out also makes sure a medic with no regard for their own safety runs in to revive you while you’re exposed to enemy fire. I’ve seen that happen way too many times.

(Ardez1) #6

Well, it is only 60 exp at most that you are missing out on if they do tap out. That isn’t much, even added up it is relatively little compared to the rest of your xp.

(einstyle) #7

honestly, I quite enjoy to annoy others with it

(D.C.V.) #8

That’s true, and i’ve seen people tap out when i was trying to help them up(as a non-medic class) which is basically a way of saying “screw me, go kill bad guys!”.

By the way, what OP suggested sounds like a bit of a bad idea because minimizing the incentive to finish off enemies means that more bad guys will get revived.
Besides, i kinda like this mechanic(i don’t think i’ve ever played a game with something similar) because finishing off every wounded enemy after an ace feels good B)
I think we should have an xp reward for taking a moment to ensure that our work won’t go to waste.

(Viquel) #9

I thought you were supposed to space or tap out while the medic charges? No revive XP for you, sucker! I also work very hard on my dodging-the-medpack ability, while trying to make the medic a good target for opponents.
Sometimes, I specifically lure Naders near my aura station, so they can blow it up easier. Speaking of the healstation: I also like to spam v-2-1 next to an Aura, and when the station is about to be deployed, I leave. Or I barely sit out of it’s healrange and complain in global chat about the stupid medics.

Another effective way to annoy your whole time is finding a few undead non-medics next to a medic, and starting to revive everyone but the medic. When they get their hopes up, and do not catch the spawn-wave, I like to abort reviving to show them who is the boss!

This last one is not dedicated to medics, but fun for everyone. Proxy mines have a much wider blast-radius than trigger-radius, right? So you find a couple team-mates standing within the blast, preferably near a deplorable, and then you shoot the enemy’s mine. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

best part on all of this: the vote-kick system is so bad, you can’t get kicked. Just spam votekick on the loudest complainer instead, with any luck, the others don’t pay attention and vote them out!

I witnessed them all :disappointed:

(GregHouseMD) #10


It’s so much better to lure a friendly medic in so they can die, than tapping out.


It’s especially helpful if you see someone coming behind them while they’re helping you up. Happens all the time.

(CCP115) #11

I thought the whole damn point of tapping out was to deny finish XP, but the trade-off was no revive?
If you remove finish XP denying, what the hell is the point of tapping out?

(gloomyRequirement) #12

I agree. Killing enemies that are floored is actually a fun mechanic and seems idiosyncratic for Dirty bomb.

Now I myself use it all the time, even though there’s no real purpose in taking xp from an enemy for no real use(apart from being a cunt that is).

I’d suggest it should takes 1.5 seconds before the suicide actually triggers.

(triteTongs) #13

Otherwise, no reason to tap out…[/quote]

I tap out when someone is trying to get me up when I can just respawn 3 feet away.

I also tap out when someone is trying to slowly revive me but fails to see the enemy team barreling down on them. You have to realize if you get revived and die instantly after-- you are now on the next respawn wave and that could hurt you even more.

So, removing the tap out feature would be create greifing.

(GregHouseMD) #14

Or if you just want to pick another merc that’s better suited to what’s going on.

Or you want to spectate someone. How else will we get footage of cheaters in our midst?

Bottom line is, there are plenty of situations where tapping out can be better than getting revived. Reviving is probably favorable most of the time, but not always.

(transferring) #15

It does have its use though. When I’m being helped up in an area under enemy fire with 4 seconds left on the respawn timer, I’d really rather not be helped up then die on the longer timer.

(Szakalot) #16

helping up brings you back to 30hp. You won’t be able to do much with 30hp, and probably little ammo.

(coruscate) #17

What a healthy discussion! Do we really need to discuss if we should give you a way to award you the so hard earned 50-100 xp? really? Like is it making any difference if u get lets say 1k xp more because of gibbing? You get the damage you dealt him as xp if he taps out but if u didnt do shit you didnt deserve 1 exp for it. It doesnt matter if u or if u dont get those EXP but changing it feels wrong since it is unnecessary for everyone.

(Amerika) #18

I tap out a lot if somebody wants to be a good samaritan and I know it’s going to get them killed or if it will put me in a bad spot/I have no ammo or easy access to it. So there are plenty of good reasons to keep the mechanic in the game.

But I wouldn’t mind seeing the finish XP go to the people who got the kill when they tap out.

(Vaxen) #19

I hate when people tap out to prevent me from getting finishing xp. BM as fuck and all it tells me is that you’re upset that I killed you.

(Lunia) #20

It’s useful to tap out if your dead body is on the C4, makes it difficult to defuse sometimes.